Sha Clarke

Sha Clarke was a thirty-second century Trueborn MechWarrior of Clan Sea Fox. He served as the Spina Khanate as the ovKhan of the Beta Aimag . He is an ambitious and coldblooded man, who feels his Khanate has been subjugated by his Clan's Khan. He will do anything to free his people of the bonds of what he thinks is an unworthy Khan.

He commands the former WarShip Nagasawa which is now the CargoShip, Talismantia.

His trusted aide is Star Colonel Coleen Nagasawa.

He enjoys competition and tries to compete with his fellow Spina Khanate's Aimag, Delta. Though he does enjoy competing with fellow OvKhan Petr Kalasa, he does not despise him.

Character History[edit]

Located in the Vindemiatrix in June 20th, 3134 - ovKhan Clarke secretly meets with Clan Jade Falcon representatives to begin efforts to change his Clan. He bargains to have the Jade Falcons kill Khan Hawker. Since he is old and weak, Clarke feels he and the ilKhanate are sucking up resources of the entire Clan's Khanates.[1] He secretly wishes for his portion of the Clan to split away. He has been conducting secretly with the Jade Falcons do this for him, so he would be able to slip away while his Clan remains in chaos.

He catches word of Delta Aimags location in the Adhafera in Prefecture VIII of Republic of the Sphere. He orders his flotilla to jump there. He then announces that he has arrived to conduct Trial of Bloodright between him and Delta Aimag. While in the Adhafera system, both Aimags conduct a Ritual of Combat, take the opportunity brush up on their skills. Neither Aimag has had a Ritual of Combat between each other in three years.[2]

He witnesses the final trial for the Bloodname of Sennet. During this trial, he considers what to do with Petr. Days after the combat on 18th July, he goes to Petr and tries convince him his actions are just and for the greater good for the Clan as a whole.

August 15th, Sha receives word that his efforts with the Jade Falcons were not making any progress. His people in the Sea Fox Watch report of Clan Jade Falcon's failures in taking Kimball II & Skye, as part of the ongoing invasion that he is supporting in secret.[3] He also fumes that his three tails losing site of the Khan's randomly roaming ilKhanate. Now feeling multiple failures, he feels his plan to split Spina Khanate must be put off and eliminate anyone who knew of his dealings with Clan Jade Falcon representatives. On the 29th, an Inner Sphere JumpShip arrived and disrupted the negotiations between Adhafera's Trade Master Tidinic and the two competing Aimag. Sha decided to declare a Trial of Possession for the right to negotiate. Sha selected a warrior to face Petr's champion in the fight. In the end, Beta and Sha were victorious in earning the trading rights.

However, Sha quietly orders Beta Aimag to start pulling out, and rumors begin to spread by September 8th of this, Several days later Clarke has declared Adhafera an enemy territory due to a series of "accidents" on both an out-bound DropShip and Beta's compound.

By doing so, he also denies Delta being able to negotiate with them and must fall back from the planet.

On the flight back on his Overlord-C Dropship, Breaker of Waves, Star Colonel Coleen Nagasawa confronts him demanding why he arranged the deaths of so many of their people. He coldly tells her that it had to be done. for the first time in years, he see weakness in Coleen, as she loathes over the deaths of so many people. He has Talismantia set course for Stewart, in an attempt to cut a deal with the planet for trade.

When they arrived on September 24th, a trader JumpShip arrived in Stewart system, bringing news of the Voidswimmer in a near collision with an ArcShip. Also, news of a frenzy of DropShip activity between the Jumpships and ArcShips. Hearing of this activity, Sha Clarke and Coleen assumed that their fellow Sea Foxes had learned of his plan to kill the Khan. As he began to discuss how to deal with the incoming Sea Fox forces, he was alerted that unknown DropShips were inbound towards the planet.

On the 27th, ovKhan Petr Kalasa and his mixed Trinary arrived to fight a Trial of Grievance against Sha Clarke. Sha's Beta Aimag bids down his own Trinary to keep them out of the fighting, waiting for Petr to arrive.

In the midst of the battle, Petr finds his way and issues a Trial of Annihilation against him and his people. Sha tried to convince Petr he was wrong, that what he had done was only to create a Trial for the office of the Khan, not to assassinate him. Petr did not care about Sha's rationalizations, but thanked Sha for helping him to recognize his own selfishness.

Sha and Petr dismounted from their BattleMechs, as do their people. Sha was amused at Petr's shock of his friend Jesup's betrayal. Hoping to throw off Petr in the coming fight between them, Sha rushed Petr, taking advantage of Petr's injuries. However, in the end, no matter how many times Sha knocked him down, Petr got back up regardless of his injuries and Sha was ultimately defeated.[4] He was ultimately killed by Petr Kalasa on Stewart and his genetic legacy purged from the Clan for his crimes.

Character Notes[edit]

  • Sha Clarke is a noted pilot of the Sphinx BattleMech.
  • His hidden ambitions included to crack the Regulan Fiefs market, and ultimately have the Spina Khanate split from whole of Clan Sea Fox.


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