121st Hellion Lancers (Clan Ice Hellion)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
121st Hellion Lancers
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Disbanded 3071 (Destroyed)


In 3059 the Cluster was stationed on Barcella,[1] but by 3067 they had been redeployed to the world of Tathis.[2]

In 3070 the Cluster moved to Nouveaux Paris with the rest of Beta Galaxy, arriving in September.[3] Mid 3071 saw Beta together with Zeta Galaxy form the secondary attack force under saKhan Connor Rood. This force moved against Clan Jade Falcon border worlds of the Falcon Occupation Zone, fighting in multiple systems.[4]

A Clan Hell's Horse's force destroyed the 121st Hellion Lancers on Toland in November 3071.[5]


SaKhan Connor Rood ordered the remains of the unit on Toland, a Nova, to withdraw to Bensinger. Arriving the Lancers discovered the world had already fallen to the Hell's Horses and chose to depart for the Dark Nebula. On route the Lancer’s JumpShip was attacked by the mysterious Green Ghosts unit. The last transmission from the Lancers stated the Nova was about to be overrun by a Ghost marine assault and they had been assumed to be destroyed. In 3076, several 'Mechs and Elementals bearing markings from the 121st hit a number of Hell's Horse and Ghost Bear worlds on the Periphery border. These attackers were assumed by both Clans to be a pirate force using the former Hellion’s equipment. However, when the Green Ghosts hit Nyserta in 3079 the Ghost company and destroyed along with their DropShip. One pilot was taken alive; his genetic coding matched that of Star Colonel Irt Bragg, though his facial features had been altered. Ghost equipment was of Clan origin and at least two of the 'Mechs had Ice Hellion manufacturing marks.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 121st Hellion Lancers
Star Colonel Madge Moore 3059[7]
Star Colonel Irt Bragg 3067[2]


The Lancers are experts at chasing down fleeing enemy units, but rarely engage in stand-up fights.[7]

Composition History[edit]


121st Hellion Lancers (4 Trinaries/Veteran/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Star Colonel Madga Moore

- Equipped with light 'Mechs


121st Hellion Lancers (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Irt Bragg


The Cluster gains +1 to initiative. Light and Medium Stars may swarm a single target 'Mech with a -1 to-hit modifier, but when the target is destroyed the entire Star must flee the battle as punishment.[8]


The Cluster's insignia was a group of Hellion's chasing down a Wolf.[7]


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