3rd Hector Cavaliers (Clan Ice Hellion)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
Third Hector Cavaliers
Disbanded 3072 (destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Zeta Galaxy


Around 3059 the Cluster was involved in a fierce defensive engagement which resulted in Galaxy Commander Curtis being severely injured. Curtis refused to surrender command, and the Cluster was split into two camps: those who supported Curtis, and those who supported Star Captain Carmen, commanding officer of Beta Trinary.[1] The Third was stationed on the Clan world of Atreus in 3067.[2]

The Cluster along with the rest of the Galaxy moved to the Inner Sphere in 3070, they formed the Hellion secondary force under saKhan Conner Rood. They were tasked with securing the Periphery border in 3071. This force captured Anywhere, Somerset, Erewhon, Bone Norman, and Lackhove.[3] In September 3071 they attacked Wotan and in October captured Götterdämmerung and Here. The Third were on Götterdämmerung in December 3071 when the Hell's Horse assaulted the planet, after taking heavy casualties they managed to retreat.[4]


During the retreat from the Inner Sphere in 3072 the Hellions were ambushed by Clan Burrock's Zeta Galaxy resulting in the loss of three of their five JumpShips.[5] One of the JumpShips was the Permafrost, a Tramp-class vessel carrying a Trinary of warriors and their equipment from the Third Hector Cavaliers. In 3075 the Clan Goliath Scorpion Watch reported sighting of this missing unit operating as a mercenary force near San Mateo and still using their original equipment and insignia.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Hector Cavaliers (Clan Ice Hellion)
Galaxy Commander Curtis 3059[1]
Galaxy Commander Philippe Lienet 3067[2]
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Hector Cavaliers (Mercenaries)


Because of aging equipment, the Cavaliers engage in hit-and-run attacks.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Third Hector Cavaliers (3 Trinaries/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Galaxy Commander Curtis


Third Hector Cavaliers (Regular/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Galaxy Commander Philippe Lienet


At the end of each movement phase, one 'Mech per Star can make a pilot roll with a +2 modifier. Success grants that unit an additional movement allowance equal to half its walking speed rounded down. This movement must be used straight away.[7]


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