5th Wolf Garrison (Clan Wolf)

Fifth Wolf Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Parent Formation Kappa Galaxy[1] (3145)
Tau Galaxy (3067)[2]
Formed 3063-3064[2]
Disbanded 3068-3071[4]


FedCom Civil War[edit]

Formed after the Refusal War as a part of Tau Galaxy, which had been raised to act as a garrison force, the Fifth Wolf Garrison Cluster and the other units of Tau Galaxy spent 3065 and 3066 engaged in battles with both Clan Fire Mandrill and Clan Ice Hellion, as a means of testing themselves.[2]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

In November 3067 Tau Galaxy defended the Wolf enclaves on Tiber, Roche, Dagda, Paxon and Hoard.[5] The Red Keshik faced Clan Hells Horses in a Trial of Possession on Tiber in December. The Keshik broke zellbrigen and the Horses annihilated them with four Clusters and took most of the planet.[6] In 3071 the remaining Star of the Seventh Wolf Dragoons on Dagda was attacked and destroyed by Clan Cloud Cobra.[7] In December 3071 the last remaining Wolf enclave fell and the last Wolf warriors in the Home Worlds were wiped out by orbital bombardment from the Clan Steel Viper WarShip Snake Leader.[4] The only element of Tau known to have survived the Wars was the Sixth Wolf Garrison Cluster, which arrived on Wheel in the Clan Occupation Zone during the early stages of the Jihad.[8]

Dark Age[edit]

The Fifth was reformed and reassigned from Tau Galaxy to Kappa Galaxy at some point during the Dark Age. Kappa Galaxy underwent an expansion between the 3090s and 3130 after decades of being used as a training formation by the Rasalhague Dominion and developing a reputation for the devious use of conventional forces because of the shortage of BattleMechs within Kappa. Assigned to garrison duties during Operation HAMMERFALL, the creation of the Wolf Empire led to the need to form new garrison Galaxies, and the Fifth and the other units of Kappa were again subject to a winnowing out of 'Mechs and warriors as it was felt that their personnel would be ideal for managing the honorless Spheroid personnel being incorporated into the new formations.[3]

By 3145 the Fifth and the other elements of Kappa were operating at barely above half-strength as a result of the loss of personnel and equipment, but the peace treaty between the reborn Free Worlds League and the Wolf Empire meant that it was unlikely they would be called upon to deal with a major conflict.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Wolf Garrison (Clan Wolf)
Star Colonel Elmer Radick 3067[5]
Commanding Officers of the 5th Wolf Garrison (Wolf Empire)
Star Colonel Angela 3145[1]



Composition History[edit]


Fifth Wolf Garrison Cluster (Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Star Colonel Elmer Radick
- At this point in time the Fifth was stationed on Paxon and was operating at almost full strength. Two-fifths of the Fifth units were OmniMechs, while the remainder of the Cluster's equipment was at approximately a Star League level of technology.[5]


Fifth Wolf Garrison Cluster (Green/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Angela
- At this point in time the Fifth was stationed on Keystone and was operating at just over two-thirds of full strength. Although the Fifth lacked OmniMechs, it was equipped at approximately a Star League level of technology.[1]


Game Rules[edit]


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