Abraham Chi-Li

Abraham Chi-Li JFSB.jpg
Abraham Chi-Li
Died 3055
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Colonel
Profession MechWarrior


Star Colonel Abraham Chi-Li (Born: ????, Died: 3055)[1] was a trueborn MechWarrior serving in Clan Jade Falcon's touman during Operation Revival. He commanded the 124th Striker Cluster of Vau Galaxy.[2]


The Fallout from Twycross[edit]

Abraham Chi-Li was a friend to Adler Malthus, who perished on Twycross in the early stages of Operation Revival.[3] They were raised in the same sibko, fought through their Trials of Position together, and even served with each other early in their careers. Adler's demise at the hands of an Inner Sphere MechWarrior outraged Abraham, and he took a harsh line against any warrior under his command who showed anything less than total ruthlessness towards the "cowardly" enemy. His fellow officers in the Falcon touman were concerned by his all-consuming anger and how it might affect his ability to lead his unit.[2]

The Camelot Debacle[edit]

When the Jade Falcons mounted an attack on Camelot Command in May 3054, saKhan Vandervahn Chistu ordered Abraham's 124th Striker Cluster and the 8th Falcon Regulars Cluster to seize the old SLDF naval station from the Snord's Irregulars mercenary unit.

Their assault failed completely, thanks in part to the intense competition between Abraham and Star Colonel Brikai Buhallin of the 8th Regulars. Each of them, eager to win glory for capturing Camelot Command, began to bid away parts of their respective forces. They left out important aerospace and Elemental support. By the time they landed on the outer surface of Camelot the defenders, led by Rhonda Snord, were ready for them.

Both Falcon commands suffered severe losses, and were forced to leave empty-handed. Khan Chistu, disgusted by their miserable performance, made an example of Abraham Chi-Li and Brikai Buhallin; he stripped them of their commands and reassigned them both to solahma units.[4]


Abraham was killed in a Trial of Grievance in 3055 by Fallon Hazen who took command of the 124th Striker Cluster.[1]


As of early 3053 he piloted a Mad Cat heavy OmniMech.[5]


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