Alisendar Gyrn

Alisendar Gyrn
Affiliation ComStar
Word of Blake
Profession Acolyte

Alisendar Gyrn was a ComStar acolyte that came to rule both Sirius and Procyon during the chaos of Operation GUERRERO.


Gyrn was a member of an ancient trading family from Sirius, and had fallen prey to delusions years before that led him to believe he was the reincarnation of Jerome Blake. Under the thrall of these delusions, Gyrn had spent years recruiting devoted followers in both systems, and he seized on the disruption caused by Operation GUERRERO to lead his followers in an uprising. On 24 October 3057 the local HPG transmitter on Procyon and Sirius were seized by an his forces (an unknown faction for the rest of the Inner Sphere]]. He used assassins to kill key officers in Boodelay's Backup and Jo's Fourth Cavalry, the mercenary force employed by the planetary government on Sirius. Followers of Gyrn who had infiltrated the support staffs of both mercenary units were responsible for sabotaging key equipment, such as the mercenary commands' JumpShips, and Gyrn had the supplies to both units cut off. Many of the mercenaries attempted to contest Gyrn's actions, but were unsuccessful when they tried to depose Gyrn, and the survivors were forced to retreat into the wilderness.[1]

With the HPGs under his control and the local mercenary forces neutralised, Gyrn's rule over the newly-formed Sirian Holds was announced by his loyal followers to the stunned populations of both systems. No mention was made at first of the alleged divinity of Alisendar Gyrn; instead, the takeover was pitched as freeing the systems from the Great Houses, and there was relatively little protest from the population, at least at first. When word reached the wider population of what had happened to the mercenary troops, along with the discovery that Gyrn was in control of the HPG systems, protests broke out. As the protests accelerated towards becoming an open revolt, Gyrn announced that both systems needed to be "purified"; this purification consisted of destroying all modern technology. Gyrn's followers rounded up intellectuals, technicians, dissenters and various other groups, with the roundups being described as the beginning of a process of re-education; instead, those gathered up were murdered in killing fields outside the capital city, to prevent them posing any kind of threat to Gyrn.[1]

Approximately two months later, JumpShips entering either the Procyon or Sirius systems began being challenged by transmissions declaring that they had entered the Sirian Holds, and were ordered to leave or face destruction. This continued for some time, with at least two independent trading ships being reported missing. The Free Worlds League made multiple attempts to open up diplomatic communications with either system, but all such efforts went unanswered, as did efforts by ComStar to initiate contact, although observations indicated that the two systems were exchanging HPG transmissions with each other.[2]

Subsequently believed to be a renegade Blakist, Gyn's hellish regime fell in early 3059, when Free Worlds League Military forces captured Procyon and Sirius and returned it to League rule. The Sirian Lancers with support of the 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires together liberated the worlds to find "reeducation camps" and other atrocities.[3][4]


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