BattleTech: The Animated Series/Shadow Heir

This transcript of episode eleven of BattleTech: The Animated Series, Shadow Heir, is based off a VHS recording from the initial airing.

Scene 1[edit]

Turtle Bay

[A Centurion and a Hatamoto-Chi stride through a volcanic plain, wreathed with sulfurous vapors, followed by two Wolfhounds.]

Shin Yodama: Commander, I have infantry detected on magscan at 500 meters. We've been anticipated!

Hohiro Kurita: Are you certain? Check the magnification on your scans. I see nothing.

[Elementals abruptly rise out of the lava, flames rising from their armor. They open fire.]

Hohiro: Warriors, be careful. These are not normal infantry.

[An Elemental swarms the Hatamoto-chi, latching onto its faceplate and starting to cut through with a laser.]

Shin Yodama: Don't worry, Prince Hohiro! I will fight by your side.

[Shin shoots an Elemental off of Hohiro's Hatamoto-chi.]

Hohiro: Thank you, Shin Yodama.

[The Elementals fire streams of burning liquid at the Combine 'Mechs, setting them on fire. The Wolfhounds' return fire has little effect, and the Elementals soon swarm the 'Mechs again. As the lighter 'Mechs fall, Hohiro soon stands alone.]

Computer: Heat sinks at saturation point. Critical failure in seven seconds.

[Hohiro presses the eject button, rocketing clear as his Hatamoto-chi collapses behind him. He emerges from his escape pod with his katana and wakizashi strapped to his back, as three Smoke Jaguar Elementals approach across the burning volcanic plain. He draws his katana and leaps to attack the first one, but the Elemental effortlessly disarms him.]

Scene 2[edit]

[The scene changes to reveal Captain Jeroen Frestadt viewing a video record in a shadowed chamber aboard the Kwaidan and communicating with an unseen speaker.]

Voiceover: Four months have passed since the Prince was captured by the Clans on the planet Turtle Bay. With the fate of the heir-designate in jeopardy, the throne of the Draconis Combine is weakened. You must now lead our "shadow prince" to his throne.

Frestadt: Franklin Sakamoto, the time has come for you to discover your true destiny, ja?

Scene 3[edit]

[In the Apollo system, the Kwaidan is on final approach to the Katana.]

Adam: Now, listen up, Strikers. In a matter of hours, we'll be making a jump into the Somerset system. Now, we've only got one shot at this, but I know we can take our homeworld back from the Clans.

Kylie: After all these months, we finally get to free our families.

[The Kwaidan shakes from an explosion and the gravity cuts out, causing the crew to drift, weightless.]

Rachel: We're losing gravity!

Kylie: Don't tell me Malthus found us again!

Rachel: It felt like it came from inside the ship.

[Another explosion breaches the Kwaidan's hull.]

Frestadt: All hands, report to emergency stations!

[Sakamoto and Frestadt are on the bridge. Frestadt gets up and walks towards an exit.]

Franklin: You are leaving the bridge?

Frestadt: Engineering's been sabotaged. We have to get down there!

Franklin: But who would sabotage the ship?

[Frestadt slaps a medipatch against Sakamoto's neck.]

Frestadt: Actually, I would.

Franklin: Urgh! Why?

Frestadt: Forgive me. What I do, I do for you, highness.

[Sakamoto's vision blurs, and he passes out from the medipatch. As explosions continue to rock the Kwaidan and the crew runs around frantically, Frestadt carries the unconscious Sakamoto to one of the Banshee fighters in the hangar.]

Adam (over intercom): Captain Frestadt! If you can hear me, please report! Captain Frestadt!

[Frestadt pilots the Banshee out of the Kwaidan and heads for the Katana. On the bridge, Rachel and Adam monitor its departure.]

Rachel: That aerofighter is heading for the Katana! Aside from Kylie and you, the only other Banshee pilot is Franklin.

Adam: After all we've been through, he's actually turning against us?

[Adam goes to the communication control panel.]

Adam: This is the DropShip Kwaidan hailing JumpShip Katan…aaagh!

[The communications panel explodes in a flash of blue light, throwing Adam backwards.]

Rachel: Adam!

Adam: I'm all right. It was rigged to blow when we tried to use it.

[Adam picks up an intercom handset.]

Adam: Kylie! We've got a renegade Banshee and I need you to intercept.

[In the hangar bay, Kylie puts on her flight helmet.]

Kylie: I'm on it, 'Teach'.

[Kylie opens the cockpit hatch of the other Banshee and watches as key components drift free.]

Kylie: Oh swell, all dressed up and nothing to fly.

[Later, Ryder and Patch survey the damage.]

Val: Whoever set these charges sure knew what they were doing.

[Adam pulls up a recording of the Katana jumping out of the system.]

Adam: Magnify image.

Rachel: The JumpShip's preparing to jump into hyperspace.

[On the viewscreen, the Katana is surrounded by a golden nimbus of energy, then disappears.]

Adam: Yeah, now we're trapped behind enemy lines in a crippled DropShip.

Scene 4[edit]

[Later, in the hangar.]

Hawk: Three crewmen reported seeing Captain Frestadt taking off with Franklin.

Adam: Were we wrong to trust him, after all?

Hawk: I dunno. Seems Frankie boy was unconscious at the time.

Adam: Oh, this is getting stranger by the second.

Rachel (over intercom): Major Steiner, report to the bridge immediately.

Adam: What now?

Scene 5[edit]

[The Kwaidan tumbles in space as the DCS Ishiyama maneuvers into position alongside.]

Toshiro Okura: This is Draconis Combine JumpShip Ishiyama. I am Toshiro Okura of the Draconis Combine Internal Security Force. I am here to apprehend a member of your crew.

[An image of Jeroen Frestadt appears on the viewscreen.]

Adam: Captain Frestadt?

Okura: He is part of a rebel faction.

Adam: He just took off, abducting one of my men, Franklin Sakamoto.

Okura: Ah. We must find them before it is too late.

[Okura's transmission ends.]

Adam: Do you get the feeling this guy isn't telling us everything?

Rachel: He shows up just when Frestadt takes off. Now I call that rather convenient.

Adam: Yeah, well, I don't like it either, but the first order of business is getting our JumpShip back, and that means we've got to work with him, whether we trust him or not, especially since it's our only chance of finding Franklin.

[Outside the viewport, space suited damage control teams work to repair the hull breaches in the Kwaidan.]

Scene 6[edit]


[A Hatamoto-chi patrols past a three-story bunker hidden deep in a wooded region. Sakamoto awakens from the medipatch-induced unconsciousness in a cell wearing a white robe emblazoned with the Draconis Combine insignia, red baggy trousers, sandals, and a katana.]

Franklin: Uh? Huh?

[Seeing the door is open, he draws the katana and runs out past two guards.]

Franklin: What is this place? Why am I dressed in royal robes?

[The guards bow and drop to their knees.]

Female guard: Highness, please forgive us.

Franklin: Highness? Who do you think I am?

[Frestadt approaches Sakamoto from behind, his own katana half drawn.]

Frestadt: Sakamoto-sama, please, lay down your sword.

[Sakamoto spins and swings his katana at Frestadt, who parries with his own blade.]

Franklin: Why have I been abducted?

Frestadt: The Combine has become weak. While the Clans attack us, our foolish monarch weakens us with his attempts to obtain personal glory.

Franklin: What has our ruler, the Coordinator, to do with this?

Frestadt: Takashi Kurita is no longer fit to rule.

Franklin: Perhaps, but what does this have to do with me?

Frestadt: It is time that you learn the truth about your past.

Franklin: What truth?

Frestadt: That you are Takashi's long-lost grandson and, thus, a worthy heir to his throne.

[Shocked, Sakamoto stops attacking Frestadt and lowers his katana. Frestadt lowers his as well, then sheathes it.]

Franklin: Captain, have you taken leave of your senses?

Frestadt: Decades ago, the Internal Security Force discovered your existence. To protect the throne, they eliminated your mother. The tried to likewise eliminate you, but our faction spirited you away.

Franklin: But my mother perished in an accident.

Frestadt: Or, so you were led to believe. Tell me, Franklin, when the Sakamoto family raised you, didn't you wonder why they had you trained as a samurai, in secret? Now that the official heir to the throne has been taken by the Clans, you must claim the power that is rightfully yours.

Franklin: Wait. Can you show me one shred of evidence to verify this wild fairy tale?

[Frestadt takes the katana from Sakamoto.]

Frestadt: This is, I believe, the sword of your ancestors?

Franklin: It has been in my family for untold generations.

[Frestadt puts the sword under a device that emits a special frequency of light. A sinuous red dragon image appears on the blade under the light.]

Franklin: The royal seal? But, that's impossible! That means the sword belonged to…

Frestadt: It belonged to the Coordinator. And now it belongs to you, because you are the true successor to the Draconis Combine throne.

[Frestadt kneels and presents the sword to Sakamoto. Sakamoto turns and strides to a balcony, from which he can view Wolfhounds on patrol.]

Frestadt: Now, the Coordinator, Takashi Kurita, has grown feeble. You must lead these forces and seize power from him.

Franklin: And what makes you think such a goal could really be accomplished?

Scene 7[edit]


[The repaired Kwaidan burns towards the Ishiyama.]

Hawk: Major, I'm happy to report we've got thrusters functioning and the ship's gravity fully restored.

Adam: Thank you, Captain Hawkins. Now that Captain Frestadt is no longer with us, I'll be assuming command of the DropShip, at least for now. Ensign, dock us at the Ishiyama.

[The Kwaidan docks with the Ishiyama. Adam, Rachel, and Hawkins go aboard and meet with Okura and some of his crew. Okura wears two swords strapped to his back.]

Adam (to Okura): So, any idea where we'll find them?

Okura: The rebels are reputed to have a secret base in the Bensinger star system. It is on a marginally habitable world, utterly unworthy of the Clans' attention. Intelligence reports the rebels have taken it as their enclave.

[In his command chair on the bridge, Okura issues orders.]

Okura: Retract the solar sail! All stations, prepare for hyperjump on auxiliary power.

Adam: You're going through hyperspace without fully charging the jump drive?

Hawk: You'll blow us all to bits!

Okura: If we wait, we will lose them. I suggest you return to the Kwaidan. My forces will help you seize back your JumpShip when we arrive in the system.

[The Strikers board the bridge turbolift.]

Hawk: Major, he wouldn't be doing something this harebrained if he wasn't really desperate.

Adam: Not just desperate. He's scared. But of what?

[The Ishiyama jumps out of the Apollo system.]

Scene 8[edit]


[The Ishiyama jumps into the Bensinger star system.]

Adam: There's the Katana! Quickly, unlatch us! We're going in after 'em!

[The Kwaidan detaches from the Ishiyama and burns towards the Katana, which hangs in space nearby.]

Adam: Rachel, signal them we're coming aboard.

Rachel: They aren't responding.

[A hatch slides open on the Katana, and the anti-meteor guns deploy.]

Hawk: Oh, yes they are.

[Energy blasts streak from the Katana to the Kwaidan.]

'Hawk: The Katanas using its meteor deflectors against us.

Rachel: Lucky for us, they're lightly armed.

Hawk: Maybe so, but one lucky shot and we're history.

Adam: We've got to force our way aboard without damaging the ship, or hurting our own people.

Hawk: Oh, that's gonna be some trick, with them hammering away at us.

'Adam: Hawk, you take the bridge. See if you can't draw their fire. Meanwhile, Okura's aerofighters can target the Katanas emissions array.

[The Kwaidan maneuvers away from the Katana, while several Combine fighters launch from the DropShip and strafe the Katana. One of the Banshees maneuvers close to the Katana and its cockpit opens, releasing two spacesuited figures. They maneuver from the aerospace fighter to a boarding hatch. One places a green box next to the hatch, and presses a button. Seconds later, the hatch slides open, and the two figures maneuver aboard. Inside one presses the controls to close the hatch and repressurize the airlock. The interior hatch opens to reveal several armed crewmen, led by Dr. Nakamura.]

Nakamura: Do not move! If you Jade Falcon cutthroats try anything, we will…huh?

[The two spacesuited figures remove their helmets to reveal Rachel and Adam.]

Rachel: Really, doctor, is that any way to greet your roommate?

Nakamura: Captain Frestadt said the Clans took your ship. When you hailed us, we thought it was one of their tricks.

Adam: The good captain blew our engines and shanghaied Franklin. Now, the question is, where did he take him?

[From the bridge of the Katana, Adam opens a channel to Okura.]

Okura: Captain Frestadt has retreated to Bensinger II to gather his rebels. I will recover Franklin Sakamoto from them while you continue your mission.

Adam: How will you get him back to us?

Okura: We in the Draconis Combine have a saying, always giri before ninjo. Duty before heart. Please do not allow our internal conflicts to distract you from your mission.

[Okura terminates the transmission.]

Rachel: You're not actually going to accept that, are you?

Adam: He's absolutely right. I can't turn my back on my obligations.

Scene 9[edit]

[In the forests of Bensinger II, Sakamoto pilots a Hatamoto-chi through the woods, noting several squadrons of aerospace fighters parked along a concealed airstrip. He stops at the airstrip and disembarks from the Hatamoto-chi. He races for one of the fighters, and is halfway up the ladder to the cockpit when Frestadt appears behind him.]

Frestadt: Sakamoto-sama, when we found your chambers empty, we were concerned.

Franklin: Find yourself another "shadow prince." I will not help you weaken the Combine.

[Frestadt climbs the ladder after Sakamoto.]

Frestadt: But highness, your ascension will only strengthen it!

Franklin: How? By starting a civil war?

[Explosions rock the airfield, and both men are knocked off the ladder by the shockwave. Three Centurions approach.]

Okura: So, at last we have found the rebel Captain Frestadt, along with the pretender to the throne.

[Okura's Centurion fires, destroying the fighter Sakamoto was trying to board. He and Frestadt flee on foot.]

Frestadt: This way, highness! Into the jungle, quickly!

Okura: Your very existence is a threat to the Combine, but that threat ends now!

[Okura's Centurion is rocked by an explosion, preventing him from firing on Frestadt and Sakamoto.]

Okura: Iie!

Adam: I think not, Okura.

[The Strikers' 'Mechs - Hawk's Mauler, Adam's Awesome, and Ryder's Bushwacker - emerge from the jungle.]

Adam: I was wondering what you really wanted with Franklin, but I never imagined you were planning his funeral.

Okura: You FedCom swine have no right to aid in the toppling of my government!

Adam: We're not toppling anything, pal! We're standing by a friend.

Okura: Then you can fall beside him as well!

[The Centurion fires on Adam's Awesome. The camera pans back to show that the very roomy Awesome cockpit has been set up with a second command console, where Rachel now sits.]

Adam (to Rachel): Still happy you insisted on setting up shop in a BattleMech?

Rachel: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Adam: All right, Strikers…

[Val's Bushwacker strides breaks formation and advances.]

Val: Can't we settle this reasonably?

[The Combine 'Mechs open fire on the Bushwacker.]

Hawk: That answer your question, Ryder?

[Both groups of 'Mechs move to attack. Okura notices Frestadt and Sakamoto scurrying past towards the Hatamoto-chi, and turns his Centurion to track them.]

Okura: This coup ends now, Sakamoto.

[With the Centurions autocannon pointing at them, Frestadt and Sakamoto nonetheless begin to scale the rope ladder leading to the Hatamoto-chis cockpit. Adam distracts Okura by shooting the Centurion in the back.]

Adam: You always send BattleMechs against an unarmed opponent, Sakura? How very honorable. Initiate Enhanced Imaging.

[Sakamoto straps into the Hatamoto-chi's command couch. Frestadt stands nearby.]

Frestadt: Highness, we must get you to safety!

Franklin: I will not flee like a criminal.

Frestadt: You have no choice! Now that they know who and where you are, they will never stop hunting you down.

[The Hatamoto-chi stalks off into the jungle, with Okura's lance in pursuit.]

Okura: That's right, your highness, lead us to your base of operations.

[Three rebel Wolfhounds emerge from the forest to block Okura.]

Okura: Ah, more rebels. Good! I shall exterminate them in a single stroke!

[The Strikers also continue to press the Combine 'Mechs, and a Banshee flies overhead.]

Val: The cavalry has arrived!

Kylie: Yeah, but whose side are they on?

[The rebels shoot at Hawkins' Mauler, which obliges by returning fire.]

Hawk: Looks like they're on their own side, which means everybody against us, as usual.

[The Hatamoto-chi heads deeper into the jungle.]

Rachel: Sir, Frestadt's getting away.

Adam: Good. That means Franklin is, too. Maybe we can buy him some time. One way or another, I'm going to find out what this is really all about.

[The last of the screening Wolfhounds goes down, leaving Okura's Centurion alone in close pursuit of the Hatamoto-chi.]

Okura: Now I have you in my sights!

[The Hatamoto-chi finally turns to fight the Centurion. Adam opens a channel.]

Adam: Franklin, are you all right?

Frestadt: This affair does not concern you, Major.

[Frestadt moves to switch off the communicator.]

Adam: I'm getting just a little tired of hearing that.

Rachel: Well, right now, their attitude's the least of our problems.

Kylie: It seems these rebels and the security force guys have one thing in common. They all want to blow us up.

[Kylie repeatedly strafes the clearing where most of the fight is taking place.]

Val: Thanks for the assist, sky guy!

Rachel: This is crazy! While we're stuck here, Okura's chasing down Franklin.

Adam: You're right. We have to get to them before it's too late!

[Okura continues to pursue Sakamoto through the jungle.]

Okura: You will not elude me, "Highness."

Computer: Targeting computer engaged.

[Surprised, Sakamoto turns to look at Frestadt.]

Franklin: What are you doing?

[Missiles fly from the Hatamoto-chi to the Centurion. Energy blasts shoot them down before they hit.]

Okura: A clever move, but futile!

[Ryder's Bushwacker takes out the last rebel Wolfhound as explosions rock the ground around his legs.]

Val: Yeah! That's the last of the rebels.

Hawk: Now all we've got to do is take down these ISF thugs.

[The Strikers' Mauler and Bushwacker engage two ISF Centurions.]

Hawk: Just like back in the War of '39.

[Adam's Awesome moves up to join the Strikers' firing line.]

Adam: Forget the War of '39. We've got to save Franklin! Warriors of the Draconis Combine, the rebels lie defeated before you. This fight isn't between us. I've got the guts to lay down my arms if you have the honor to stand beside us as allies.

[Adam lowers the Awesome's arms. After a second, the two ISF Centurions do the same.]

Rachel: I found a large structure two kilometers from here. Okura's heading right for it.

Scene 10[edit]

[Okura descends from his Centurion via rope ladder outside the rebel bunker and runs inside just as the Awesome arrives on the scene.]

Adam: There it is! Let's hope we're not too late.

Rachel: I'm going with you.

Adam: Negative. I need you to monitor for any incoming 'Mechs.

[Adam climbs down the rope ladder from his cockpit and enters the bunker. Okura emerges from the darkness behind Adam, pistol drawn.]

Okura: I warned you about interfering!

Adam: The First Somerset Strikers don't turn their backs on their friends!

Okura: Have you no honor? You fight to defend a criminal!

[Adam lashes out with his fist, knocking the pistol out of Okura's hand and throwing Okura to the ground. Adam tackles Okura before he can pick up the gun again.]

Adam: Maybe Frestadt is, but you've been targeting Franklin this whole time. So the only question is, why?

Scene 11[edit]

[Frestadt runs to Sakamoto in the bunker command center.]

Frestadt: Highness, you must escape!

Franklin: No. I will remain here and make my stand.

[Frestadt brandishes a pistol.]

Frestadt: Allow me to take care of the intruders.

[Adam wrestles Okura into a painful arm lock.]

Adam: Shouldn't we be pooling our resources against the Clans instead of fighting each other over conspiracy theories?

[Okura twists and elbows Adam in the face, knocking him to the floor.]

Okura: No! The threat must be extinguished now!

[Okura rises, then bends to pick up his pistol. An energy blast knocks the gun away from his hand. Okura turns to see Frestadt pointing a pistol at him.]

Frestadt: We knew you were tracking us down. Didn't you think we would be prepared? Your little investigation ends now. Your successor will be working for a new Coordinator.

[Sakamoto emerges from the darkened corridor behind Frestadt, holding a katana aloft. Sakamoto gives a battle cry and uses the katana to slice Frestadt's gun in half. Frestadt drops to his knees.]

Frestadt: Sakamoto-sama! Highness? What are you doing?

Franklin: I'm sorry, Captain Frestadt. Your bid for power is over. I have no intention of vying for the throne, and will support no conspiracy of loyalty to Sakade.

Okura: I am afraid it is not that simple.

Franklin: Then, I will end this matter, now!

[Sakamoto raises the ancient sword marked with the Kurita seal and, holding it in both hands, snaps it in two over his leg.]

Frestadt: Noooooo!

[Frestadt crawls to where Okura's pistol ended up, grabs it, and spins around to point it at Sakamoto.]

Frestadt: If you will not live up to your royal heritage, then you will not live.

[Adam sneaks up behind Frestadt and puts a medipatch on his neck, knocking him out.]

Adam (to Frestadt): Pleasant dreams, Captain.

Adam (to Sakamoto): Did I hear right about your royal lineage?

Franklin: Yes, but that lineage ends here. Take this back to the Coordinator. His line no longer leads to me.

Scene 12[edit]

[Patch watches column of Striker 'Mechs approaches the Kwaidan.]

Rachel: Bet you never thought you'd be so happy to see this place again, eh Franklin?

[The Awesome parks in the 'Mech bay, and the cockpit hatch opens. Adam, Rachel, and Sakamoto walk out.]

Franklin: Indeed. I welcome the harmony of returning to an all-out Clan offensive.

Crew (in unison): Highness! Kurita-sama!

[The crew of the Kwaidan bow to Sakamoto.]

Franklin: You will not call me that! My name is Sakamoto!

[Dr. Nakamura approaches.]

Nakamura: Whether you accept the crown or not, you are still the Coordinator's grandson.

Franklin: Perhaps, but remember, I am today as I always have been, merely a man, no better, no worse than any other.

Scene 13[edit]

[The Kwaidan burns away from Bensinger II towards the jump point. Sakamoto enters Adam's ready room.]

Franklin: Major Steiner, I never thanked you for coming to my defense. Your entire mission has been devoted to freeing your family on Somerset, yet you risked it all for me.

Adam: Always giri before ninjo. Always duty before heart.

Franklin: But what about the duty you have to your countrymen, and your family?

Adam: You've become as valuable to me as they are.

Rachel: Adam, we're receiving a special transmission from Toshiro Okura.

Okura: Konnichi-wa, Major Steiner. Mister Sakamoto. We have just received intelligence on Prince Hohiro. He has been successfully liberated from the Clan prison on Turtle Bay!

Scene 14[edit]

[Cut to scene of a gray/brown Timber Wolf and a gray/blue Summoner prowling through a jungle. Combine infantry pelt them with handheld explosives, then run.]

Scene 15[edit]

Okura: Now that the Prince is safe, the royal line is no longer in doubt. Mister Sakamoto need not worry about the Prince's future, or his own.

Adam: So, how does it feel to discover a brand new family?

Franklin: My "brand new family" is aboard this vessel.

[Adam and Sakamoto shake hands.]

Franklin: Now, we must continue our journey to Somerset, to free your family.