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Cockpit Command Console

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A Command Console is a BattleMech component that adds a complete second set of controls for a second MechWarrior (pilot) with added command and control facilities. (It should not be confused with the much smaller Dual Cockpit, which can be installed on any 'Mech and splits 'Mech operation between two people, a pilot and a gunner, and therefore requires both to operate the 'Mech.)[1]

The enhanced command and control facilities turn the 'Mech carrying a Command Console into a moving command center typically used by high-level commanders. Star League-vintage Command Consoles are very rare by 3025 because 'Mechs equipped in this way were favored targets in battle. Most still existing were relegated to training duties.[2]


Cockpit Command Console is known to be used by following factions:[2]


The Cockpit Command Console is manufactured on following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Unknown Hachiman Tanadi Computers Various [2]
Unknown Macintosh Apple Computers Interstellar Various [2]
Unknown Hesperus II
New Kyoto
Doering Electronics Various [2]
Unknown Dalton Garret SatComm Various [2]
Unknown Carbonis IMB Systems Various [2]
Unknown Indicass Ceres Metals Industries Various [2]


Associated Rules[edit]

In game terms, the Command Console occupies the same section as the primary cockpit.[1]

OLD: In game terms, the Command Console occupies the free critical slot (#4) in the head section.[citation needed]

Since it is a fully functional cockpit unto itself, it can take over if the regular cockpit is destroyed or the pilot is incapacitated, provided of course that the Command Console is manned; in that case both cockpits must be destroyed to incapacitate the 'Mech.[1]

OLD: Earlier rules from the Tactical Handbook had the Command Console at 5 tons, i.e. only 2 tons more than a regular cockpit assembly, and with an additional critical slot taken in the center torso section for sensors. These rules have since been superseded.[2]

The secondary MechWarrior in the Command Console takes normal damage from head hits, falling and heat buildup. He only takes damage from ammunition explosions if he is piloting the 'Mech at the time.[1]

The secondary MechWarrior may spot for any type of indirect fire, without incurring the +1 modifier to any attacks from the unit, and ignores the +1 modifier to the indirect fire attack due to any such weapon attacks. [3]

If the secondary MechWarrior is not piloting the 'Mech he can make use of the command and control functions of the Command Console to add +2 to his side's initiative.[1] This is not cumulative with other Command Consoles[1] or mobile HQs[4]. The initiative bonus is lost when the Console operator is piloting the 'Mech or establishing a satellite uplink.[4]

OLD: If the secondary MechWarrior is not piloting the 'Mech he can make use of the command and control functions of the Command Console to add +2 to his side's initiative. This is not cumulative with other Command Consoles or mobile HQs, but it is with the initiative bonus from an enhanced satellite uplink communication system (if available) and no penalties apply for the latter system while the Console operator is not operating the 'Mech himself.[2]

The Cockpit Command Console is considered Advanced Rules.[1]

The Command Console weighs 3 tons and has a cost of 500,000 C-bills.[5]


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