Galileo Instruments

Galileo Instruments
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Schuyler
New Oslo
Primary Products DropShips

Galileo Instruments is an electronic equipment and JumpShip manufacturer within the Draconis Combine[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Camden, New Oslo (Circa 3025)[1], Matabushi, Schuyler (Circa 3067)[2]

President/CEO: Philip Diashai (3018)[1], Count Mark Diashai (Circa 3025)[1], Tozama Daimyo Mark Maestas (Circa 3067) [2]


Galileo Instruments began as a manufacturer of spacecraft control equipment. From there they have diversified into a number of industries that require sophisticated electronic systems for military and civilian use, also maintaining several DropShip manufacturing lines. The company suffered extreme upheavals in 3018 when former CEO Philip Diashai had a falling out with the military procurement board of the Draconis Combine. After the Combine's government split all businesses into direct service (military) and indirect service (civilian) divisions, Diashai chose to give up the guidance system portion of the firm to keep the company in the civilian domain. Though this cut the company's profits by almost 60 percent, Galileo's refocus exclusively on the civilian market allowed them to excel with the company's tri-vid systems and innovative agricultural electronics like its popular Automatic Self-Harvesting Hydroponics Farm being big sellers. Following the Clan Invasion however, the company ultimately reentered the military market after acquiring the ailing Tomori Trans Industrial in 3055.[1][2]

As part of Coordinator Theodore Kurita's post–Operation BULLDOG rebuilding initiatives on formerly Clan-held worlds, Galileo transferred its corporate headquarters to Schuyler in 3064. The move was symbolic, intended to show the planet's and Combine's citizenry as a whole that Schuyler was worth rebuilding. Galileo quickly became one of the world's top five employers, turning Matabushi into a model corporate city. Seeking to revitalize the company's now slumping civilian line, then new CEO Mark Maestas successfully gambled on expanding into mass-market entertainment modules in the mid-3060s. The company's first title Combat Ops: Halstead Station ranked number one in module sales across the Combine for three years straight. Galileo's follow-up title, Combat Ops: Vega crested the 3066 sales charts on presales alone.[2]


Galileo Instruments has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: During the Jihad, the facility on Schuyler, suffers no capital and personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory has the main production volume of 100% in 3079.[3]

Components produced on Schuyler:[2]
Component Type
Achilles-class[2][4][5] DropShips
Behemoth-class[2][4][5] DropShips
Monarch-class[2][4][5] DropShips
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Marly 750 Monarch[4]
Sunburst M-200L Megadrive Behemoth[4]
Xevex-12 Achilles[4]


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