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Kathil Shipworks

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Kathil Shipworks
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Kathil
Primary Products DropShips

Formerly the McKenna Shipyards, the Kathil Shipworks was one of the most advanced manufacturers of DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips in the Federated Suns.[1]


Constructed at the start of the 27th century to bolster the SLDF naval forces during the Reunification War, the McKenna Shipyards were among the best DropShip, JumpShip and WarShip construction and repair yards the Star League could build. The huge zenith Jump Point complex of repair docks for the construction and maintenance of JumpShips, and the orbiting shipyards above Kathil for servicing and building DropShips and WarShips were constantly updated to ensure they produced the most advanced starships for both the League and its member states.[1]

Unfortunately, its location along the Federated Suns-Capellan Confederation border ensured the yards were regular targets for House Liao raids after the collapse of the Star League, and by the beginning of the Third Succession War the shipyards had lost the capability to construct new K-F Drives or perform all but the most basic repairs. This changed with the Fourth Succession War pushing the Capellan border back enough that Kathil was considered safe from attack to repair and rebuild the yards.[1]

It took the combined efforts of the Federated Suns government, Federated-Boeing, General Motors and Universal Air, but the reborn facilities, now renamed the Kathil Shipworks, was finally brought back online by the War of 3039. Jointly owned by all four parties, the yards publicly constructed DropShips and JumpShips, but secretly considerable effort was made to construct new WarShips, a fact only revealed when the first Avalon slipped its moorings.[1]

Aside from its value for constructing DropShips and JumpShips, this revelation made the yards a prime target during the FedCom Civil War and drew attacks from both the Capellan Confederation and Word of Blake during the Jihad which ultimately destroyed the shipyards in 3069.[1][2]

After the end of the Jihad, rebuilding the yards over Kathil took a long time.[3]


The company's CEO in 3067 is Count Nyman Ribeulet.[1]


Kathil Shipworks has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Kathil:[1]
Component Type
Mammoth[1] DropShip - Destroyed 3069
Mule[1] DropShip - Destroyed 3069
Seeker[1] DropShip - Destroyed 3069
Invader[1] JumpShip - Destroyed 3069
Avalon[1][4] Warship - Cruiser - Destroyed 3069
Kearny-Fuchida Drive
Crucis StarHeart KF5400 Avalon (Destroyed 3069)[citation needed]
Kearny-Fuchida Drive - Jumpships
K-F Mark VIIa Invader (Destroyed 3069)[citation needed]


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