Order of Five Pillars

This article is about the Draconis Combine intelligence agency. For the Dragon's Fury unit, see Order of the Five Pillars (Dragon's Fury).
Order of Five Pillars
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Organization Profile
TypeIntelligence agency
Parent OrganizationDraconis Combine



Keeper of the Family Honor Sanyu Kurita grew the Order of Five Pillars or more often O5P in the 2420, forming it from the agents she was using to control the ivory trade in the Draconis Combine. The O5P was acting as regulators of the ivory trade, informing the Keeper about the situations surrounding it. The ISF found this to be an encroachment into their responsibilities and quickly complained to the Coordinator, who shrugged off the complaints. Unable to quash the development of this rival intelligence agency, the ISF instead infiltrated it.[1]

The Order Underground[edit]

During the reign of House Von Rohrs the order had hard times, because the new Keeper saw no purpose for the order. His first act in 2459 as Keeper was to kill Abbess Jamila Benhashemi. Many leaders of the O5P were executed to destroy the organization. The lower ranks maintained the organization by blending into the local populations, hiding their presence. The traditions were maintained, and the order stayed hidden until Martha Kurita took the position of Keeper in 2510. Even so, the O5P remained hidden and avoided revealing their full network until the ascension of Siriwan McAllister to the position of Coordinator. [2]

Restoration and Revival[edit]

During the rule of Siriwan McAllister, the fate of the order improved significantly. By her decree the O5P's income was greatly increased by forcing all Kuritans to own a certain amount of ivory.[3] Martial arts were also given over to the sole control of the O5P as well. This meant that all officers in the military were forced to train with the O5P. Since every officer went through the hands of the O5P, it gained significant influence within the military, even having some officers openly join the order. [4] The Sanctum Arcanum was built on Luthien during this time.[3]

Post–Clan Invasion[edit]

The ISF has tried many times to infiltrate the Order but met with little success as the Order is extremely skeptical towards strangers. During the era of Omi Kurita, the cooperation was closest, but relations broke down after the new Keeper was accused by the Internal Security Force of being a member of the Black Dragon movement. Since then the Order broke off all contact with the ISF. [5]

The Jihad[edit]

A purge of the Black Dragon Society within the Draconis Combine on 27 January 3073 netted a number of high officials including the Abbess of the Order of the Five Pillars.[6][7]

Dark Age[edit]

An Order of Five Pillars deep cover agent was placed on Mauckport and was able to pass control of the spaceport to the Fifth Sword of Light.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Order of Five Pillars
Abbess Jamila Benhashemi 2452[9]
Abbot Aloysius Maruyama 2817[10]
Abbess Tomade Yamiro 3067[11]





The order developed over the years 4 ranks with different responsibilities.

  • Neophyte
That is the lowest ranks of the O5P. The hunters, traders, the security forces, warehouse-men and artisan are the workforce which bring the order the wealth. The order possesses an independent JumpShip fleet with its own space marines for security duties. All naval personal are also Neophyte.
  • Adept
One level above are the members with more responsibility. That includes the monks which monitoring the locals about their believes and also planetary circuit riders. In the outer reaches they are also teachers.
  • Illuminati
The members which receive knowledge through meditation or other religious ways are considered as Illuminate. They are the living example for the strength of the order. The monks guide the subordinates with a wise hand.
  • Abbess
That is the highest rank within the order beneath the Keeper.

Branches of the O5P[11][edit]


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