Peacemaker (IndustrialMech)

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Peacemaker (IndustrialMech)
PM-6 Peacemaker PoliceMech
Production information
Manufacturer IrTech
Model PM-6
Class Light
Introduced 3070[1]
Cost 2,050,335
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 35 tons
Engine Fusion
Heat Sinks 1 Single
Speed 65 kph km/h

1 x SRM-2
1 x Machine Gun
1 x BattleMech Taser
1 x Searchlight
Environmental Sealing

BV (2.0) 426[2][3]


The PM-6 Peacemaker PoliceMech is an IndustrialMech which was created to serve the same law enforcement market that would buy the Copper industrial 'Mech. The design's origin can be traced to the Star League Era PM-6 Peacekeeper SecurityMech, which Peacemaker and the earlier Copper would be based on.

The design first came about when IrTech negotiated the licence from Coventry Metal Works for the original Peacekeeper. Reworking the ancient design, IrTech would gear it to be better suited for urban law enforcement tasks. The Peacemaker made its debut for sale for law enforcement agencies in 3070.

One of its best known actions was when it was used by the Atreus City Police Department's Mounted Response Unit to maintain a quarantine cordon against the First Knights of the Inner Sphere during the Word of Blake's chemical attack on Atreus in the early years of the Jihad.[4]

The Peacemaker has also been used by various insurgent and criminal groups across the Inner Sphere. Though no match for a BattleMech, the Peacemaker and its taser can easily shut down an enemy unit. The IrTech factories would end up being destroyed, however the Peacemaker's production lines would end up surviving the conflict. Its BattleMech Taser would end up maturing and entered limited production for wider sales of the design.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

As a PoliceMech, the Peacemaker isn't armed to face front line forces. The Machine Gun and SRM-2 are typically loaded with less-lethal ammunition like rubber bullets and Tear Gas SRM loads to disperse rioters. To protect the Peacemaker's pilot from the tear gas and other irritants the entire 'Mech has Environmental Sealing. A searchlight in the left torso allows the Peacemaker to participate in night time search and rescue operations.

Though the half-ton of MG ammunition and single ton of SRM loads may lead observers to dismiss the Peacemaker, there is one surprise waiting for anyone so foolish: A BattleMech Taser mounted in the right arm. This weapon can cause the largest Assault 'Mech to shut down completely, leaving the MechWarrior stranded and easy prey for SWAT teams or Anti-Mech Infantry.


The Peacemaker has no significant cargo capability.


  • PK-6 PeaceKeeper SecurityMech 
    The namesake of the Peacekeeper-series. The original SecurityMech, which was the first to be built by the standards of the SecurityMech Treaty, proved to be a failure as both as a PoliceMech and combat unit. It was armed with two Medium Lasers in its right arm, SRM-2 in its right torso, a single machine gun in its left arm actuator. Built with a IndustrialMech chassis, it also featured environmental sealing and a front mounted searchlight. Its weapons system were guided by an advanced firing control found normally in combat-oriented BattleMechs. BV(2.0)=422[6][7]


The Peacemaker was originally introduced in Jihad Turning Points: Atreus, where it had little background information available at the time this product was published. Only later, when Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex Revised was published, did the Peacemaker's background get further fleshed out by the Copper SecurityMech's entry, giving information about the Peacekeeper and its predecessor, the Peacemaker.


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