Record Sheets: Unique 'Mechs

RS Unique Mechs.jpg
Record Sheets: Unique 'Mechs
Product information
Type Record Sheets (PDF)
Development Randall Bills & Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Various BattleCorps subscribers
Pages 33
Cover artwork Chris Lewis
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
Product code BC-200
First published 2006
ISBN-10 n/a
Era Civil War era
Timeline ca. 3067


Record Sheets: Unique 'Mechs is a canonincal PDF-only Record Sheets book including Technical Readout-style information on the unique BattleMechs featured.

It is the result of a contest for subscribers to the BattleCorps website to create 'Mechs based on a existing design and write background story for it. The contest winner's entry would get its own unique art of the person's BattleMech.



  • The cover art of this product is the winner design of the contest - Great Wyrm Aemelia - by Jon "Darkaria" Frideres.
  • To date only two 'Mechs and their pilots from Record Sheets: Unique 'Mechs have appeared outside this title - Emperor Nerran in Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star and Thanatos Felix as the MechWarrior Online Thanatos Hero 'Mech the Hangover.

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