Ritual of Adoption

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The Ritual of Adoption is a Clan rite undertaken by members of the Warrior Caste to induct a new adult member as a warrior. The exact nature of the ceremony depends on the Clan in question, but for most the inductee is forced to run a figurative gauntlet of those who oppose their adoption (a varying order of MechWarrior, Elemental and Aerospace Pilot depending on which sub-caste the inductee intends to join) and must pass a Trial of Position within six months. Success results in the person becoming a warrior and winning the right to an 'honorname' reflecting their new clan (i.e. John GhostBear) while failure means a return to the person's former status.[1][2][3]

The First Ritual of Adoption was former General Ethan Moreau by Clan Goliath Scorpion, with the Founder himself involved.[4]


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