Simone Devon

Simone Devon
Character Profile
Died May 3062[1]
Affiliation House Devon
Rank General
Profession MechWarrior

Simone Devon was an officer with the St. Ives Military Command.


She was the Colonel and commanding officer of the First St. Ives Lancers in 3025[2], and defected the Capellan Confederation to the newly formed St. Ives Compact.

Promoted to General, she died during the Black May affair. The attack on St. Ives by the Thuggee was to be launched by a JumpShip, the You dú Xin-Zàng, carrying a single DropShip and a lone old Lucifer fighter loaded with rockets of the gas, but the JumpShip during the final jump, using a pirate point, suffered a missjump and was almost destroyed. The crew was killed or left half dead. The ship was boarded by a Compact rescue team lead by Davion general Simone Devon, but when they found the Lucifer pilot still in his cockpit, he launched the rockets, killing the general and probably most of the other people aboard. [3]


Nothing can shake the Commonwealth's commitment to the St. Ives Compact. Not even the dissolution of the Commonwealth itself.
  — General Simone Devon, 3058[4]


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