V Corps (Star League)

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V Corps
Formed Twenty-sixth century
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command Eleventh Army

Unit Description[edit]

The V Corps (also originally referred to as the 5th Corps) was a very large Star League Defense Force military formation, consisting of three Divisions of 27 Regiments worth of Frontline and additional Auxiliary support formations.



The V Corps was originally conceived with the formation of the Star League in 2571. The Corps and its other sister formations were the brainchild of Shandra Noruff-Cameron, First Commanding General of the SLDF.

The Corps elements were built up from Terran Hegemony regiments participating in a massive military exercise on the Periphery border named Unified Triumph Military Exercise.[1]

Prior to the Reunification War, V Corps was responsible for the Capellan Military Region, and was initially poised for action against either the Magistracy of Canopus or Taurian Concordat, but continued training problems within the Corps and ongoing anti–Star League activity within the Capellan Military Region kept V Corps out of both fronts.[2]

Reunification War[edit]

By 2575, the Star League began to deploy against unwitting Periphery nations that caused problems for First Lord Ian Cameron. However, the Corps had to wait until 2581 when Lord Cameron, would place the 5th Corps into the war. The elements of the 5th would be assigned to take the Outworlds Alliance, with the 6th Corps and Brigade of Draconis Combine troops. The Outworlds Alliance Expedition was under the command of General Amos Forlough, who would have his forces placed on the border with the Alliance in June.

By late summer, General Forlough had the Expedition move into the Alliance taking worlds. The 5th Corps would be teamed with their House Kurita brigade and would take Schirmeck, Tabayama, and Weisau.

The 5th Corps expedition's progress would be hampered by due to needs of SLDF forces on the Taurian Concordat front of the war. The General's drive to take the Alliance's capital world of Alpheratz was canceled by SLDF High Command and the demands of House Davion's First Prince, Alexander Davion. In 2582, General Forlough took worlds near the Alliance's capital. After the attack of the Alliance's Pitcairn Legion against the Rasalhague brigade, prove to be too much. Kurita forces went on a rampage after the destruction of their sister brigade, killing citizens and causing the destruction of Alliance's property. The 5th and other SLDF forces would be ordered by General Forlough to execute 10 percent of each world's population as deterrent to further attacks against him and the League.

Citizenry of the alliance rallied to fight off what they saw as a cruel invader and through themselves fury of training in anti-'Mech warfare and attack them in human waves. The 5th Corps was left occupying worlds, while their Kurita forces took worlds for their motherland. They were order so due to House Davion refusal to provide provisions for them.

Resistance to the League's occupation continued to grow stronger, as attacks by now trained citizenry continued. In 2583, the 5th Corps was ambushed on Tellman IV, by Outworlds Alliance Army forces backed up by Pitcairn's Legion. The ambush cost the 5th Corps over two hundred BattleMechs, while only accounting for a hundred of the Alliance's machines. This ambush would later be known as the Day of Vengeance and would greatly deplete both sides of resources to fight. After the ambush, the campaign's commanding officer, General Forlough, was transferred to the Taurian warfront after the assassination of SLDF General Kincaid. His replacement, Major-General Franklin Barnex, would not be able get replacement troops for the damaged 5th Corps. This prevented the campaign from moving on to take the Alliance's capital. The Alliance would sign formal end of hostilities, with signing of the Peace of Cerberus.[3][4][5]

After the war, the bulk of V Corps formed the major part of the Outworlds Alliance Army of Occupation, establishing bases alongside the new Star League administration offices on each of the Outworlds Alliance worlds.[6]

Later Years[edit]

By 2764, the Corps would be assigned to the Star League's Eleventh Army in the Lyran Commonwealth Military District.[7] V Corps continued to play a prominent role in the SLDF throughout the Star League era, but the posting into Lyran Commonwealth space brought V Corps face to face with an enemy that had plagued the SLDF since the creation of the Star League - politicians. V Corps location not only exposed it to politicians from the Lyran Commonwealth but also the Terran Hegemony and the Draconis Combine; the last commanding officer of V Corps before the Amaris Civil War, Major General Jayne Badler did her best to ensure that her troops remained out of the political arena, and was determined to ensure that those under her command remained focused on their battlefield role, not on the political or social scene.[8]

V Corps was a well-supplied corps, in part because of its location but also because of the prestige the Corps had earned through the centuries and the significant number of Royal units within the Corps. Further improving the Corps supply situation was the presence of General Badler, an officer who came up from the ranks largely through the logistics trade and who knew how to work the system and take advantage of her extensive contacts within the Quartermaster Command. Badler's knowledge and influence was significant enough that when she was in command of V Corps it was rumored that she could obtain anything the Corps needed short of a WarShip. Despite her experience and influence within the supply chain, Badler still had to prove herself at every command posting she assumed after reaching the rank of Captain; if she was successful during her command of V Corps, Badler anticipated that success preventing her having to prove herself again.[8]

The various units of V Corps included at least two divisions that were enthusiastic participants in the exercises conducted by the Eleventh Army under the name Operation KOBALD.[8]

The liberation of Terra against Stefan Amaris' Military forces occupying the Terran Hegemony, would bring destruction of two of its Mechanized Infantry Divisions, as well as both of its Battle Regiments. Five years after the disbandment of the Star League, General Aleksandr Kerensky called upon the SLDF to form what would be later called the Exodus Fleet. They left the Inner Sphere in Exodus in 2784. The majority of the surviving regiments and divisions of the V Corps would join his fleet, with the exception of the 184th Mechanized Infantry Division, which did not muster for the journey into the Periphery.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the V Corps (Star League)
Major General Laszlo Hooker 2581[9]
Major General Victoria Zibler 2583[10]
Major General Jayne Badler 2764-2772[11][12]



Composition History[edit]


Administrative HQ: Sirius[9]
Commanding Officer: Major General Laszlo Hooker[9]
Commanding Officer: Major General Victoria Zibler (from 2583)[10]

Total Forces:[9]

Component units:[9]

Thirteenth Royal Division
Fourteenth Division
Fifteenth Division


Independent Regiments

  • Unit Note
  • 2765 - V Corps would be stationed in the 1st District of the Lyran's Military Region in 2764, and by 2765 they would be redeployed to the 2nd District.[18]
  • 2779 - There is no specific information in notes where the V Corps's elements were located after the Liberation of Terra.[19]
  • 2784 - Forces noted are forces still taking orders from the General Kerensky and joined them in Exodus Fleet. The 184th Mechanized Infantry Division was noted not being among the V Corps's surviving forces departing with Kerensky's Fleet.[20]


The unit was originally known as the 5th Corps in the original Star League sourcebook. It not clear if the Corps was still operational command when the Kerensky's Exodus.

The 184th Mechanized Infantry Division is not listed among the units in 2784, due to the fact their status was listed as unknown. Likely that they were not active in the Corps when the Exodus happened.


Reunification War[edit]

  • In battles that occur prior to 2583, when randomly generating force experience all V Corps forces apply a -1 penalty to the Random Experience Level roll.[21]
    • This penalty doesn't apply from 2583 onward.
  • In battles that occur prior to 2583 all V Corps forces receive a -1 penalty to Initiative unless they are the defender in the scenario.[21]
    • This penalty doesn't apply from 2583 onward.
  • In battles from 2583 onward V Corps units may Bank Initiative.[21]
  • In battles from 2583 onward V Corps may select its own home edge in any battle in which it is the attacker.[21]


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