Battletech Game Systems

BattleTech began as a single game system but its universe can now be experienced through several different game systems, each with its own scale, scope, mode, and game mechanics. These game systems have also experienced some change over time through rule expansions or rule refinements or through the introduction of new units, new equipment, or revised unit building rules. The introduction or revision of game systems have at times accompanied major developments in the lore of the BattleTech universe such as the advancing of the in-universe timeline, e.g. the Clan Invasion, the Dark Age. However, many game systems are not era-specific and can be played within a variety of different eras.

Several game systems are currently maintained and continue to be developed and supported by the release of new products that pertain to gameplay of that system or to the in-universe lore. There are also some historic or discontinued game systems that remain playable but for which products that directly and intentionally support their gameplay are no longer produced. This article lists the currently maintained game systems (which include a board game, a tabletop miniatures game, and a roleplaying game) and the products that are considered to contain the current ruleset for each.

Total Warfare

If you’re looking to experience BattleTech as a board game this would be that game system. Also known as Classic Battletech, it has Advanced and Expanded rulesets that are optional. Typically available for a deeper game experiences.

Rule Products

Advanced Rules

Extended Rules

Box Sets

Box Set rules come from their respective box products

Alpha Strike

If you’re looking to experience BattleTech as a tabletop miniatures game then Alpha Strike is that BattleTech game system game. It allows for faster gameplay than the Total Warfare game system, as it is optimized to allow players to handle a larger number of units and simplifies handling of combat. It was based on multiple previous rulesets, including BattleForce 2, Quick Strike, and other rules found in Strategic Operations.

Rule Products

Role-Playing Systems

If you’re looking to experience BattleTech as a roleplayer, there are 2 different systems that are used for roleplaying in Battletech. A Time of War is more along the lines of a traditional system, where MechWarrior: Destiny focuses more on a narrative system.

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Official Errata for these products may be currently found here and the master index of all errata can be currently found here [1]


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