Stephanie Chistu

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Stephanie Chistu
AffiliationClan Jade Falcon

Stephanie Chistu was a Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior and Galaxy Commander during the end of the Dark Age era. She would later rise to Khanship after Malvina Hazen's death.

Battle of Terra[edit]

During the Battle of Terra, Chistu's Delta Galaxy was sent to Brazil, far from the rest of the Jade Falcons. There she captured Redoubt São Paulo, taking Brigadier General Elisabete Guerra and her officers as bondsmen and releasing the rest of the defenders without their equipment as an alternative to her orders to execute prisoners.[1][2]

Defeat and Afterwards[edit]

After Clan Jade Falcon's defeat on Terra, many of them would take time to recover from their wounds, Stephanie Chistu was no exception. She would begin her recovery on a slower scale and have a sling on her arm as part of her injuries.

A Long Time Coming[edit]

After coming to Malvina's apartment, she saw her Khan on the floor covered in a pool of blood. Looking at Cynthy, Chistu saw her with a blaster in her hand pointed at Hazen. After examining what happened, Stephanie came to the conclusion that Cynthy was defending herself from her Khan's abuse. During this time, Chistu managed to diffuse the situation by calming down Cynthy and ensuring her safety. Malvina Hazen on the other hand, disregarded that concern and ordered Stephanie to help her immediately. Seeing this as what Malvina deserved, she refused the orders letting out her emotions and how she felt about her Khan, with Malvina returning the favor. Stephanie, along with Cynthy chose to let Malvina die from her wounds rather than let her live and continually harm them and the Jade Falcon's honor. After Hazen's death, Cynthy ran out the room while Alaric questioned what had transpired. Both agreed that Malvina Hazen was beyond help and the ilKhan wished her well in becoming a Khan.[3]

Ascension to Khanship[edit]

Warriors of Clan Jade Falcon nominated Stephanie Chistu as the new Khan of Clan Jade Falcon due to her honorable conduct in defiance of the Chinggis Khan. The Mongol supporters would disagree with the decision of naming her Khan. With some warriors speaking out against her vote as a leader to the Clan. Another Jade Falcon Warrior angered with the decision would challenge her out of the respect for the late Malvina Hazen and her Mongol Doctrine. Despite Chistu's injuries she used her quick reflexes and skills to make short work of the Elemental. Stephanie would be chosen as the new Khan and was given Tara Wolf (now Jade Falcon) as a way to help redeem the reputation the Jade Falcons once had, that her predecessor tarnished.[4]


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