2nd Kearny Highlanders

Second Kearny Highlanders: Honor Bound
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel James D. Cochrane
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry no


Mirroring the actions of its senior counterparts, the Second Kearny Highlanders were formed from the mining colonies on Kearny in 2363, and served as one of several Capellan regiments on Lopez and Berenson against House Marik between 2366 and 2368. They took part in the occupation of Demeter in 2761, but were quickly withdrawn to deal with an insurrection on Hsien in 2762. After breaking with the Capellan government in 2761 over a contract dispute, the mercenaries of Gladstone's Gladiators threatened to destroy the Hsein munitions dump and water purification plants if their demands were not met. A midnight raid by volunteers of the Kearny's 1st Battalion retook the munition depot, and the Gladiators abandoned the planet.

The Second Kearnys spent the years 2762 to 2802 tracking down and destroying the Gladiators as a demonstration of the Confederation's resolve. In September 2802, the Kearnys learned from the Maskirovka of the impending arrival of the Gladiators on the Marik world of Zion. Borrowing transport and equipment from the Maskirovka Special Operation Branch, the Second secretly arrived on Zion ahead of the Gladiators. The Kearnys waited until the rebels completed offloading before they attacked. AeroSpace suppressing fire kept the mercenaries' DropShips on the ground, and the surprised Gladiators, unable to withdraw, were destroyed to the last man. The Second salvaged ten Ostrocs and three Assassins before Marik reserves forced their withdrawal.

Since that time, the Second Kearnys have had a particular antipathy for mercenaries of any kind, both their own or those of other Successor States. In the defense of Lincoln against Kurita mercenaries in 2802, the Second refused to give quarter to Daemian's Destroyers, despite repeated pleas on the part of the Kurita defenders to be allowed to surrender.

The Second Kearny's most notable defeat came when the regiment's air lances were destroyed during the Great Lee Turkey Shoot in 2953. Unable to replenish their losses completely, the Second could not ward off a Davion attack by the Ceti Hussars against Holt. Several 'Mechs were lost. Since the rise of Maximilian Liao, the Second Kearny has been deployed along the St. Ives frontier to guard against further Davion attacks.

In the 3008 Battle of New Aragon, the First Kearny Highlanders and Second faced Wolf's Dragoons and successfully held off five different assaults, including one from Zeta Battalion.[1]

In the Fourth Succession War the unit suffered moderate casualties in the failed defense of Jonathan. They faced the 5th Crucis Lancers and 6th Crucis Lancers, who had orders not to inflict heavy damage on the Second.[2] On 15 December 3028 the Second Kearny Highlanders (like the other Highlander regiments) were allowed to lift off world to reach their new home Northwind. The Second Kearny Highlanders left the world on the 21st December 3028.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Kearny Highlanders
Colonel Darrel MacHenry [3]
Colonel James D. Cochrane 3050-3054[3]


The unit will fight against all odds to save wounded or fallen comrades.


Second Kearny Fleet

Composition History[edit]


Second Kearny Highlanders (3 Battalions) (Veteran/Reliable) [4]


Second Kearny Highlanders (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)

Contract: AFFC[5]


Second Kearny Highlanders(Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[6]

  • CO: Colonel James D. Cochraine


Second Kearny Highlanders (Regular/Reliable) [7]

  • CO: Colonel James D Cochraine [7]


Regimental Command Company (Company/Elite/Reliable)

All 'Mechs are Inner Sphere Omni 'Mechs
Attached to the Command Company is the Second Air Wing.
The 2nd Air Wing contains 6 older machines.

Second Kearny Highlanders(Reinforced Regiment/Elite/Reliable)

Ambercromby Battalion:
Cameronian Battalion:
100th Battalion:
The 100th fields a vehicle company.
All machines of the entire regiment are upgraded, only some machines need additional new equipment.


  • The Unit Emblem is a stylized bagpipe thrust through with two katana blades.
  • Unit Commander - Colonel Darrel MacHenry
  • 1st Battalion - Major Andrea Stirling
  • 2nd Battalion - Major Martell Longheart
  • 3rd Battalion - Major James D. Cochraine

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