Alpha Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Alpha Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Blinding Keshik
Parent Formation Clan Ice Hellion Touman

Brief Description[edit]

Alpha Galaxy is considered the premier unit of Clan Ice Hellion Touman, commanded by the senior Khan of the Clan.


Alpha Galaxy was formed at the very beginning of Clan Ice Hellion's existence. It was severely weakened and reduced to a single Cluster after the secret Trial of Annihilation between saKhan Wick and Khan Norizuchi in 3000. By 3059 the Galaxy had been rebuilt into a swift and powerful force.[1] Warriors of the Alpha Galaxy took part of Clan Coyote led attack on Clan Cloud Cobra's Babylon Diet in 3065. It was noted that this was not an officially sanctioned attack by the Clan itself, but of individual warriors. Very few of these warriors returned to duty, with many other from this attack missing and assumed killed.[2]


As of 3059 the commanding officer was Khan Asa Taney. Taney was regarded as an exceptional Aerospace pilot and was much responsible for rebuilding the Galaxy.[1]

As of 3067 the commanding officer was Khan Raina Montose.[3]


Alpha Galaxy practices blitzkrieg warfare, using their maneuverability to strike quickly and with overwhelming firepower. Its Clusters employ special "headhunter" units to specifically target the enemy command structure and thereby weaken their foes' response. However, this emphasis on fast striking power leaves them vulnerable in static battles with little room to maneuver.[1]

Composition History[edit]




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