Zeta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Zeta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion).jpg
Zeta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname Guardians of the Lair
Parent Formation Clan Ice Hellion Touman
Formed Before 2959
Disbanded 3072 (Destroyed)

Brief Description[edit]

Zeta Galaxy was a Clan Ice Hellion garrison formation charged with protecting facilities on Hector.[1]


Formed prior to 2959, Zeta Galaxy earned its reputation and nickname by protecting military and civilian facilities on the Ice Hellion homeworld, a fact which lessens the blow when ageing warriors are assigned to the unit.

In 3070 the Galaxy move to Nouveaux Paris, arriving in September. Here it began preparations for the Hellion assault on the Inner Sphere, along with Alpha Galaxy, Beta Galaxy, and Delta Galaxy. By October all the forces were in place for the operation to commence.[2]

The Galaxy along with Beta formed the Hellion secondary force under saKhan Conner Rood tasked with securing the Periphery border. The force captured Anywhere, Somerset, Erewhon, Bone Norman, and Lackhove.[3]

In September 3071 Zeta attacked Wotan and in October captured Gotterdammerung and Here. In November elements of the Galaxy pulled off Apollo. Elements of the Galaxy on Here were destroyed by Clan Hell's Horses in December 3071. The Third Hector Cavaliers on Gotterdammerung managed to retreat.[4]

The Cavaliers retreated to the Dark Nebula,[5] to join SaKhan Rood. He had two Clusters left to him, the 90th Striker Irregulars from Beta and the Cavaliers. It appears that the Cavaliers were rolled into the ranks of Beta at this point and Zeta Galaxy was no more. When a combined Jade Falcon and Hell's Horses task force moved against the system the remaining Hellion naval assets were swept aside. Sakhan Rood accepted Hegira and the last remnants of the Galaxy retreated from the Inner Sphere in April 3072.[6][7]


As of 3059 the Commanding Officer was Galaxy Commander Curtis. A Trueborn who never earned a Bloodname, only his devotion to the Clan has prevented him from ending his life out of shame.[8]


With its equipment either out-of-date or dilapidated by Clan standards, Zeta employs hit-and-run and harassment tactics in order to survive.

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Galaxy[8][9]



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