Connor Rood

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Conner Rood (born 3038[1] - died 3???) - Late thirty-first century Clan Trueborn, MechWarrior, and saKhan (later briefly Khan) of Clan Ice Hellion until the Clan's demise. He later became the saKhan of Clan Goliath Scorpion.

At age 48 in 3086

Character Personality[edit]

A young moderate Crusader amongst his Trueborn brethren. He was noted for his intelligence and political views which made him popular among his subordinate Freeborn warriors.

Character Brief[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Conner Rood in early years, he was ristar in his Clan[2] When he undertook his Trial of Position, he skill and kills earned him rank of Star Captain. This rare feat gain him noticed among fellow Clanners. As time past, he grained his Bloodname, gaining him fame for his accomplishments. His first command he was assigned to command a Cluster in the Beta Galaxy's 121st Hellion Lancers Among his people they saw him as Khan in the making. His command style and political views, also gain trust of his warriors under his command.[3] His personal Trinary had been noted for its performance in engagements with other Clans.

saKhan of Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

In 3065, Conner's career changed, with Raina Montose's successful Trial of Grievance against Khan Asa Taney, Conner was chosen to become saKhan and Galaxy Commander of Beta Galaxy.

By 3067, Conner had rebuilt the esprit de corps of Beta Galaxy's warriors with help from his aide, Star Colonel Brendon Wick . However, Connor's efforts had been successful only due to the presence of two Flurry Clusters among his Galaxy's numbers. The Flurry Clusters caused any victory won by the Galaxy seem to be tainted due to the presence of combat vehicles.[4]

Inner Sphere Invasion of 3071-72[edit]

In early 3070s, Khan Montose devised a plan to invade the Clan Jade Falcon's Occupational Zone as part her plan to build up Ice Hellions and give them their own Zone at cost of the Falcons. She mustered all their frontline combat Galaxies to divided them up into task forces commanded her self and Conner. Rood was given command of three Galaxies for his Task Force, Delta, Zeta, and his own Beta Galaxy. His task force was assigned to secure the Periphery Border, where she would attend to securing Industrial worlds to bolster their declining Touman strength.

In June 3071, saKhan Rood lead his task force on series of successful conquest of six Falcon worlds. Only losing one these worlds shortly after by the Falcon Guard on Bone-Norman. Rood was nearly killed on Bone-Norman in his Kit Fox, when he was attacked by a star of Erinyes ProtoMechs led by Star Captain Kandari Falcon. [5]

The successes of his Task Force's campaign continued mostly for six months with few reversals. However, by November Clan Hell's Horses begun to aide the Falcons in their resurgent of their offensive against his Clan's efforts. Conner is forced to retreat to Lackhove due to the Falcon's reinforcements. This forced him to leave without his Galaxy's command unit, the 200th Attack Cluster.

By early 3072, faced large quantity of Jade Falcon and Hell's Horse forces hunting down his task force. Conner orders his task force's survivors to pull back to Dark Nebula, one his unit's first conquests. In March, Beta's survivors and his Galaxy's Naval Star clash with Falcon's Delta Galaxy and Hell's Horses Theta Galaxy. Rood's Naval forces are heavy mauled, leaving him only Potemkin, CIE Coterie left his command. Falcon saKhan Samantha Clees offers him and his command Hegira, which he accepts at later discourse of his Khan.[6]

Post Invasion & Jihad[edit]

Conner had reportedly taken the Conterie with his Galaxy's three remaining Clusters and withdrawing to the Deep Periphery. Intelligence reports suggest his destination was Nouveaux Paris, where his Clan had maintained a garrison outpost.


Conner Rood's information is incomplete due to lack of full profile done on him. His whereabouts and his actions after the Invasion of Clan Jade Falcon's territory had been reduced to scattered intelligence reports. His destination of Nouveaux Prime, in Jihad Secrets, may be an error and may actually be Nouveaux Paris instead.

He was also noted as a Kit Fox OmniMech pilot during Operation: Ice Storm.[7]


Preceded by
Sellen Cage
saKhan of Clan Ice Hellion
3065 – ????

Succeeded by


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