Dragon's Fury

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Dragon's Fury
Unit Profile (as of 3135)
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed 3132


The Dragon's Fury was a militant group formed within the Republic of the Sphere who desired the return of all the former Draconis Combine worlds within the Republic to their ancestral ruler. They began operations in September 3132.[1]

Under the leadership of former Prefect of Prefecture III Katana Tormark they waged a bloody campaign to capture the former Combine worlds with the goal to rebuild the Dieron Military District. They would have succeeded had they not been opposed by the Northwind Highlanders[2] and III Principes Guards.[3] They are known to have hit New Rhodes III[4] and Murchison.[5] The Dragon's Fury later coordinated their assaults into the newly-reestablished Dieron Military District with the efforts of a Galaxy of troops from Clan Nova Cat.[6]

Early in their history, Dragon's Fury came into conflict with DCMS commands. Several times DCMS units attacked them. These problems were eliminated only after Yori Kurita assumed command of a Dragon's Fury unit. The Dragon's Fury was eventually absorbed into the Draconis Combine during late 3135, their leader being made Warlord of Dieron by decree of Coordinator Vincent Kurita.[7]

The close ties of the Dragon's Fury to Clan Nova Cat later caused problems when the Nova Cats rebelled against the Combine in 3141.[8]

Prior to their integration into the DCMS, Dragon's Fury attacked or raided Addicks, Mallory's World, Dieron, Vega, and Ronel.[9]

On October 22, 3133 they landed on Irian[10], facing off against elements of the Swordsworn faction. The Fury inflicted heavy losses on the Swordsworn and forced them to retreat.[11] The Fury had assaulted the IrTech facility on the world, but was driven off after inflicting heavy losses on the defenders. They later teamed up with the IrTech Security detachment to face the Steel Wolves. Two Steel Wolf attacks were defeated. The Fury then assaulted the Stormhammers after they landed on Irian. This assault was sufficient to force the 'Hammers to retreat without ever having seen the IrTech factory. Three days after that the Fury faced a combined Spirit Cat/Steel Wolf assault. Although the Fury fought the Clan forces to a standstill, it took the arrival of the Bounty Hunter to break the stalemate. After the Hunter defeated both Clan leaders, the Cats and Wolves left Irian. The Fury stood down to make repairs, leaving them vulnerable to an attack by Bannson's Raiders. The Raiders focused on inflicting damage on the IrTech factories, and though the Fury eventually stopped all the Raiders, the factories took heavy damage.[12]

3134 found the Fury still garrisoning Irian. Most of the Fury was used off-world at this time; the few remaining defenders from the Fury were integrated into a single cohesive command with the Irian Standing Guard and IrTech Security.[13]

Units of the Fury[edit]


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Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

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The Amaterasu are skilled at one-on-one duels. If a pilot fights the same enemy unit for three consecutive turns, it gains a -1 to-hit modifier against that unit. If the Amarterasu warrior breaks off, attacks multiple targets, or attacks a different target, the modifier is lost. They will not engage crippled or retreating enemies unless the enemy attacks them first. When determining Piloting skills, add +2 to the roll.[14]

The O5P adepts are able to gain a -1 to-hit modifier on an Aimed Shot at a designated enemy if they nominate that enemy at the beginning of the turn, do not attack any other unit, move no faster than Walking/Crusing speed and maintain their line of sight to that enemy unit for the entire turn. If line of sight is broken, the warrior attacks a different target, or after the attack is completed, the bonus is lost.[14]

The Brotherhood can summon auxiliary forces when on a Republic world. These auxiliaries will never exceed the number of Brotherhood units on the field, but the Brotherhood player rolls 3D6 to see how many units arrive. Up to one third of these units may be modified civilian equipment including IndustrialMechs, but the remaining two thirds will be foot infantry platoons. Determine skill ratings randomly as normal but the roll will have a -1 modifier.[14][15]


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