June Operational Area

History & Description[edit]

The June Operational Area - also referred to as the Periphery March Rimward Combat Theater - was an administrative military district within the Federated Suns. Administered from June, the Operational Area was established in the aftermath of the Jihad by Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion as a result of the creation of the Periphery March.[1] The June OA was a regional command within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and was a completely military administration with no civilian governing responsibilities, traditionally commanded by a Field Marshal. As an Operational Area the June OA had command authority over a number of smaller regional commands commonly known as Polymorphous Defense Zones or Combat Regions.[2][3][4][5]

The new June Operational Area incorporated the former Warren Combat Region of the Taygeta Operational Area of the Capellan March and the Islamabad and Malagrotta Combat Regions of the Chirikof Operational Area of the Crucis March wholesale, as well as four worlds from the Remagen Combat Region. This included a number of former Taurian Concordat systems conquered during Operation MATADOR.[6][7][8][9][10] Between the establishment of the five Marches by First Prince Simon Davion in March 2418[11] and the restructuring of the Marches in the aftermath of the Davion Civil War by First Prince Alexander Davion[12] the region likely formed a part of both the Capellan March and Outer March, and possibly the Crucis March.

The borders of the June OA remained largely unchanged during the Dark Age, with the exception of the Periphery border. The Great Gorge system became an independent system at some point during the Dark Age, but the June OA grew to encompass a number of additional former Taurian Concordat systems as the Concordat contracted.[13][14]

Commanding Officers[edit]

In 3085 the Commanding Officer was Marshal Loraine Pascale, with General Clinton Jobs serving as aide.[10] In 3145 the Commanding Officer was Field Marshal Lillie Padilla, with Marshal Edith Ferguson serving as aide.[15]

Sub Regions[edit]

The following sub-regions have all been a part of the Kathil OA at some point during their history:

Systems of Note[edit]


  • June - Operational Area and March Capitol

Regional Capitols[edit]

Maps of the Operational Area[edit]

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