Republic Remnant

Republic Remnants[edit]

The Remnant or Republic Remnant is the name given to the old Republic of the Sphere space, after the establishment of Fortress Republic.


After face invasions of his territory and a short civil war, the new Exarch Levin dissolved the Republic and claimed a newly declared region of space encompassing only slightly more than Prefecture X. This area of space severed all ties with all worlds outside of the territory, even with other worlds of The Republic. Levin stated that he would use all the forces at his disposal to ensure that the newly-drawn boundary remained inviolate. [1] The Republic dissolved as a major political body after the Fortress declaration and was renamed the Republic Territories. The Fortress was in the heart of the old republic space, and this had been, in 3135, severely reduced, with at least seventeen worlds taken by Capellan Confederation, another ten by Clan Jade Falcon, twenty more by the Draconis Combine and three by reborn Free Worlds League.

Other planets probably have been absorbed by other states, like the Federated Suns.[2] The only other major state in the old Republic Space was the Senate Alliance, a state founded by old nobles senator in the Republic Senate, a state with only six planet members.

Most of the planets are independents, and not necessary friends of the Republic, but some formed proto states dubbed "pocket fortress", to defend themselves against the major states. The most known state was the Tall Trees Union, in old Marik space. Another proto state, of short live before joining the Rasalhague Dominion was the Vega Protectorate.

The only known planet still loyal to the Republic outside the walls was Callison, who was home of republic loyalists and Knights. In 3145, however, all pocket Fortress and all the independent planets have been conquered or absorbed inside other states. Only 9 planets, including Callison, are still independents.



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