7th Blood Drinkers (Clan Blood Spirit)

7th Blood Drinkers (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
Seventh Blood Drinkers Cluster
Disbanded Destroyed in 3084[1]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The 7th Blood Drinkers were virtually destroyed in the fighting on Albion during the Burrock Absorption in 3059. Rebuilt by the transfer of forces and personnel from the remnants of Kappa Galaxy Clusters.[2]

The Blood Drinkers remained on the defensive on York, counterattacking where possible. Between 3059 and 3066 they saw almost constant fighting fending off raids by Clan Star Adder.[3]

In late 3069 Khan Schmitt led Alpha and Iota Galaxies against the Adders on Albion quickly capturing a Chrysaor ProtoMech factory and by the end of the year had secured 40% of the planet. The Khan then led Alpha against Clan Steel Viper holdings on Arcadia and captured their Roc ProtoMech complex.[4] Alpha Galaxy and the Cuirassiers were involved in near-constant fighting on York but by 3070 had reduced the Adder holdings to a single enclave.[5]

In 3075 the Blood Drinkers and Alpha Galaxy dropped on to Circe as part of the multi-Clan force of the Clan Steel Viper Annihilation. They had taken heavy casualties in the approach by hidden gun batteries but manage to drop straight on top of one battery silencing it, before linking up with Delta Galaxy of Clan Cloud Cobra and pressing the attack.[6]

By 3083 the Blood Drinkers had moved to the Colleen system. Here they were bid in defense against multiple attacks by Clan Stone Lion and Clan Coyote. The fighting was disastrous for the Spirits and after a few months, only two holdings on the planet of Haven remained in their control.[7] By 3084 the Hussars could muster only a third of their warriors, and by the end of the years were wiped out.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 16th Division
Star Colonel Mikel Dinour 3059[2]
Star Colonel Rudolph DeLuca 3083[1]






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