7th Hector Cavaliers (Clan Hell's Horses)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
Seventh Hector Cavaliers
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses;
Clan Ice Hellion (previous)
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy;
Zeta Galaxy (previous)


Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

Around 3059, Clan Jade Falcon challenged Clan Ice Hellion for their enclave on Marshall. The Second Falcon Velites faced off against the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers were initially pinned down by the Velites in a canyon of the Firth mountain range, until a Binary of Snow Foxes striking at the Falcon rear created the impression of a larger force at their back. The resultant confusion allowed the Cavaliers to turn the Falcon flank and win the Trial.[1]

Around the same time, the Seventh Cavaliers were in danger of total collapse as a military force. Years of neglect had resulted in maintenance and spare parts problems afflicting nearly every BattleMech in the unit, and poor morale among the warriors led to rumors of several Stars within Beta Trinary leaving to become pirates or join the Bandit Caste.[2]

The Seventh was stationed on the world of Foster in 3067.[3] In 3068 the Cavaliers were engaged in a Harvest Trial by Clan Hell's Horses on Hoard, the Cluster was defeated and taken as isorla.[4]

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

In January 3069 they joined up with Alpha Galaxy on Niles to reinforce against a Clan Fire Mandrill assault. Their counterattack took back the industrial facilities.[5] The Cluster is not mentioned again and it appears that it was disbanded and the warriors were used as replacements in Alpha after the high losses suffered on Tranquil in 3068.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Hector Cavaliers (Clan Ice Hellion)
Star Colonel Lilith 3059[2]
Star Colonel Shira Klien 3067[3]
Commanding Officers of the 7th Hector Cavaliers (Clan Hell's Horses)


Because of their aging equipment, the Seventh was forced to use harassment tactics in order to defeat their opponents.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Seventh Hector Cavaliers - Regular/Questionable[2]


Seventh Hector Cavaliers - Regular/Questionable[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Shira Klien


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