Argo Submersible Carrier

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Argo Submersible Carrier.jpg
Argo Class Submersible Aircraft Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Free Worlds League
Use Aircraft Carrier
Mobile Fire Platform
Tech Base Star League Advanced Technology
Chassis Type (Size) Naval (Naval Vessel, Large, Template C)
Equipment Rating E/E-F
Cost ???
Introduced 3060[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 30,000
Speed 32.4 km/h
Top Speed 54 km/h
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Armament 8 x LR Torpedo 20
2 x SR Torpedo 6
8 x ER Large Lasers
8 x ER Medium Lasers
6 x Long Tom
Heat Sinks 136
Armor (Bar 10)
Crew 24 Officers
107 Gunners
9 Crew
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Argo-class submersible aircraft carrier was a blue water warship designed by the Free Worlds League for use on their numerous water-rich worlds. The ship was designed principally as a mobile airbase for conventional and aerospace fighters. The ship is also designed to serve in a number of secondary roles, which include mobile fire support for land forces, while using its aircraft for air superiority and to bombard enemy units.[2]

Though the ships fared well during their first twenty years of service, some Argos were not so lucky during the Jihad. At least two ships of the class were lost to air strikes conducted against them while submerged. Due to the threat of Capital grade weaponry being fired down against them, these Argos were unable to surface and launch their complement of aircraft for defense against antisubmarine weaponry.[3]

Armament and Equipment[edit]

The centerpiece of the ship's organic fire-support capability are six Long Tom Artillery Pieces mounted in two turrets (Number 5 and 6) with six tons of ammo per turret. For conducting bombardments outside the littoral zone the Argo carries eighteen fighter craft which take off and land via Flight Deck. Unfortunately neither the Long Toms nor the flight deck can be used while the Argo is submerged. Long-range undersea firepower includes its eight massive batteries of twenty-tube Long Range Torpedo launchers, four each in the bow and aft with eight tons of reloads per firing arc. Mounted also in the bow and aft are two six-tube Short Range Torpedo launchers with one ton of reloads, four Extended Range Large Lasers, and two Extended Range Medium Lasers. Another two ER Medium Lasers are mounted on the port and starboard sides covering the side firing arcs. An Advanced Fire Control System is used to control this arsenal.

Propelling the Argo to a flank speed of 54 km/h is a 2,632.5-ton Fusion Engine, which also gives the submarine an unlimited range. For protection the submarine boasts 89 tons of armor spread evenly around its hull and twenty life boats in case of emergency. Additional features include ten tons of Communication Equipment, a MASH unit with eight operating theaters, 140 crew quarters and 40 second-class quarters.[4]



Only known variant is a strategic attack ship which replaces its cargo capacity with long-range surface-to-surface missile arrays. There are no record sheet that exists for this variant.

Notable Ships[edit]

  • SNS Snake River - Purchased by the Kraken Unleashed mercenary unit (with some arm twisting and backroom deals) from the Free Worlds League's San Nicolas Navy, the ship was scheduled to be scuttled after being severely damaged in a raid by the Hegemony in 3065. The ship was transported in three main sections to the Capellan world of Principia in 3069. The ship was put into service the following year, employing the local militia's MechBuster squadron and Oscars. The ship was used by the Krakens and militia against a raid by the newly formed First Andurien Rangers in 3071. The ship was used to harass the Rangers, with its complement of militia fighters, and by deploying the Kraken's Mermen special ops personnel along the coast of the island on which the First Andurien Rangers had landed. The Andurien's morale broke after receiving unexpected air attacks and they soon departed the planet. The ship is semi-operational due to parts shortages, and thus only able to submerge for short periods of time. The Capellan militia hopes that Kraken Unleashed will sell the ship to them so they can retain it as part of their defense forces.[5]


As of this writing, there are no published record sheets for the Argo nor there is any official listing for its Battle Value in its profile on the Master Unit List for Catalyst Game Labs.


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