Kraken Unleashed

Kraken Unleashed
Nickname Riding the Wave
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A

Kraken Unleashed is a mercenary unit that focuses on amphibious, underwater, and other forms of naval combat.[1]


This is a newly-formed command with a unique specialization in naval combat. Their first contract brought them to Remshield. The planet had lost its atmosphere and high-tech to the Succession Wars. With the aid first from the NAIS and later from House Liao, the system of terraforming was repaired and the Kraken served as the garrison force.[2]

A raiding force discovered the command and paid a great price for bad intelligence work. The bandits surrendered after suffering heavy losses of submarines and, later, the capture of their DropShip.[2] The Kraken Unleashed commander kept four Saracen hovercraft, but sold several captured 'Mechs. They used the money to purchase an Argo Submersible Carrier named the SNS Snake River. The carrier met up with the unit at their next duty station, Principia. For the next three months the ship was completely overhauled, and when it set sail for the first time it held four Oscar class atmospheric fighters as well as the Principia Militia's MechBuster fighters.[1]

After two years of peace they met the forces of the 1st Andurien Rangers. The Kraken used their forces well, exhausting the Rangers' lines to the breaking point. With the continued losses of the Rangers, the Andurien forces retreated from the planet.[2]

While stationed on Principia, Kraken Unleashed worked with the local shipwright industries to develop a new capability for their armed forces: Submersible Mechanized Infantry. Using locally-produced Harpoon Parasubmersibles, the Submersible Mechanized Infantry squads could be moved rapidly deploy via transport along with their parasubs to anywhere on a planet. The new infantry squads packed enough of a punch that they could stave off even determined underwater 'Mech attacks.[3]

Kraken Unleashed was hired to defend Fronde in the early stages of the Victoria War. They clashed with the 1st Andurien Cavalry in the early part of the war, and their aerospace unit destroyed the DropShips carrying the enemy conventional forces.[4]

In 3117 Kraken Unleashed defended Shuen Wan alongside Warrior House Tsang Xiao. The 4th Oriente Hussars raided the world, but skillful use of terrain forced the Hussars to withdraw with serious losses.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Kraken Unleashed
Major Phil McBain 3067 - 3085[2][6]
Major Carolyne Seward 3145[7]


The unit has several ways to attack and retreat: The infantry use Submarines, APCs, or dive equipment. Attack submarines lay ambushes or traps, and the command also uses naval assaults. The 'Mechs are used as support units.[2]


The techs are experts in all cases of naval technologies. The equipment of the unit is too large to relocate from a planet as an entire unit.[2]

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: D[2]


Rating: C[7]

Composition History[edit]


Kraken Unleased(1 Battalion/Green/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Major Phill McBain

- The medium weight 'Mech unit supports 3 squadrons of watercraft

The Mermen(2 Battalions/Green/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Major Nielson Gousteau
  • XO: Captain Henri Solomon

- Every battalion includes 1 company of combat engineers with dive experience.


Kraken Unleashed (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [8]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Principia.[8]


Kraken Unleashed (Veteran/Questionable)[6] and stationed on Jasmine

  • CO: Major Phill McBain


Kraken Unleashed (Elite/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Major Carolyne Seward[7]
- As of 3145 the Kraken Unleashed was operating at full strength and stationed in the Umka system.[7]



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