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Chirikof Operational Area

History & Description[edit]

The Chirikof Operational Area - also referred to as the Crucis March Edgeward Alpha Combat Theater - was a regional command within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. One of the subdivisions of the Crucis March, the Chirikof Operational Area was a completely military administration, with no civilian governing responsibilities, and was traditionally commanded by a Field Marshal. As an Operational Area the Chirikof OA had command authority over a number of smaller regional commands commonly known as Polymorphous Defense Zones or Combat Regions, although during the era of the Federated Commonwealth the PDZs were simply known as Commands.[1][2][3][4]

At the end of the Age of War in 2571 the Chirikof OA encompassed three PDZs,[5] including the entire of the region occupied thirty years previously by the United Hindu Collective.[6] The size and scope of the Chirikof OA remained largely stable during the Succession Wars although the number of inhabited systems declined, in common with other regions of the Federated Suns.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] At some point between the end of the Third Succession War and 3054 the Chirikof OA was restructured slightly, with the Kearny and Remagen Combat Regions being redesignated the Malagrotta and Nunivak Combat Regions, respectively,[15][16] although by the end of the FedCom Civil War the Nunivak Combat Region had been replaced once more with the Remagen Combat Region.[14]

The most significant change in the borders of the Chirikof OA came in the aftermath of the Jihad; during the Jihad, a significant number of worlds within the Malagrotta PDZ had broken away from the Federated Suns, forming a new nation - the Malagrotta Cooperative.[17][18][19] One of the responses to this was Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion establishing a new March, the Periphery March; creating the June Operational Area as a part of the new Periphery March, the former Islamabad and Malagrotta PDZs were incorporated into the new March, along with a trio of systems from the Remagen PDZ, leaving the Chirikof OA responsible for just one PDZ.[20][21][22] This would remain the case throughout the Dark Age.[23][24][25]

Commanding Officers[edit]

In 3054 the Commanding Officer of the Chirikof OA was Marshal James Finn, with Hauptmann General Betram Winn serving as his second in command.[16] In 3067 the Commanding Officer of the Markesan OA was Field Marshal Suzane Lipstein, with Marshal Ophelia Trimple acting as his aide.[14] By 3085, Trimple had been promoted to Field Marshal and was the Commanding officer of the OA, with Marshal Alexander Sanromea-Davion serving as her aide.[22] In 3145 the Commanding Officer was Field Marshal Joe Kelley, with Marshal Bill Scott serving as aide.[23]

Sub Regions[edit]

The following sub-regions have all been a part of the Chirikof OA at some point during their history:

Systems of Note[edit]


Regional Capitals[edit]

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