Colin Maclaren

Colin Maclaren
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession MechWarrior

Colin Maclaren was a member of the Black Widow Company.[1]


Maclaren served with Natasha Kerensky and was present at Nova Roma in June 3014 when Lieutenant Kerensky and her heavy lance fell to an ambush. Kerensky and Maclaren were the only survivors. Afterward, their 'Mechs, including Kerensky's famed Marauder, were salvaged by the Bounty Hunter.[2]

In 3015, Kerensky formed the Black Widow Company of Wolf's Dragoons. Maclaren was among the first transfers to the unit.[1]


Colin was known to be a MAD-3R Marauder pilot.[1]

In the Apocryphal BattleTech: Heavy Metal Colin piloted a custom Variant designated the MAD-CM.[3]


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