Character Profile
Died 11 November 3058
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Captain
Profession MechWarrior


Davin succeeded in a Trial of Position for Star Commander of Alpha Beak 2, Trinary Alpha, Fifth Battle Cluster, Gyrfalcon Galaxy shortly before Operation REVIVAL. In March 3050 he participated in the conquest of Winfield where their drop zones were nearly overwhelmed by an unexpectedly tenacious assault by Winfield's Regiment. He may have participated in the assaults on Black Earth, Wotan, and Antares with the rest of Gyrfalcon Galaxy.[1][2][3]

On 7 August 3050 Davin and his Star (Janus, Maureen, Diamond, and Edward) participated in the assault on Blackjack. They encountered Cadet Mark Harris who defeated and killed MechWarrior Janus in a Trial of Possession for his family estate. Despite being successful in the Trial, Mark was still part of the initial bid for the planet as a whole. Davin eventually defeated Mark and claimed him as a Bondsman, despite both losing their ‘Mechs and Davin requiring a new arm to be grown. The Gyrfalcon Galaxy as a whole would continue to participate in assaults on Parakoila and Quarell but it is unknown if Davin participated in these conquests.[2][3]

Davin does not appear on the roster of Jade Falcons participating in the Battle of Tukayyid, though his starmates Maureen and Diamond do. This could be faulty ComStar intelligence or Davin could have still been recovering. His unit, along with the rest of the 5th Battle Cluster fought on the Prezno Plain[1][4]

At some point Davin rose to Star Captain. On 11 November 3058 his Summoner would suffer a catastrophic malfunction of the coolant system that resulted in Davin being ejected inside the hangar bay. Davin was killed by the impact with the hangar roof. The Technicians responsible for maintaining the Summoner were killed shortly afterwards.[5]


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