Rogue (Individual Congress-class WarShip)

This article is about the Congress-class WarShip. For the AeroSpace Fighter, see Rogue.
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress


As at 3059 the Congress-class frigate Rogue was serving as the CWS Rogue within the Clan Wolf touman and was acting either as an escort vessel between the worlds of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone and the Clan Homeworlds or as a patrol vessel within the Homeworlds.[1] The Rogue remained an active part of the Wolf touman for the next decade[2] and into the chaos of the Jihad.

The Rogue was one of a handful of Clan Wolf WarShips confirmed to have survived the Jihad.[3] In January 3081 the Rogue escorted Kappa Galaxy when the Wolves launched a Trial of Possession for the world of Kirchbach, which had been captured by Clan Hell's Horses during their invasion of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone. Convinced that they faced inferior forces, Kappa Galaxy responded to the Hell's Horses denial of safcon and their bidding of all of the forces in the system as their defense by pressing the attack; this resulted in the Rogue being mauled by a pair of Hell's Horses' Warships, the Congress-class CHH Bucephalus and the York-class destroyer CHH Stampede.[4]

The damage taken by the Rogue in the abortive Trial was such that in 3084 the Rogue was still undergoing repairs in a Clan Diamond Shark repair facility within the Chainelane Isles.[5]

During the Dark Age the Rogue remained an active part of the Wolf touman, although maintaining their diminished WarShip fleet remained a continual problem for the Wolves due to their lack of shipyards; fortunately, the Wolves were able to contract with Clan Sea Fox to have some work done at the Sea Fox shipyards. By 3145 the Rogue was the flagship amongst the five active WarShips in the Clan Wolf Naval Star, serving alongside a pair of Liberator-class heavy cruisers, the CWS Jerome Winson and CWS Victoria Ward, the Cameron-class heavy cruiser CWS Bloody Fang and the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CWS Dire Wolf.[6]

When Clan Wolf abandoned its Occupation Zone and relocated, conquering a swath of worlds on the border between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth to form the new Wolf Empire, the Rogue and the other WarShips of the Clan Wolf Naval Star were largely conspicuous by their absence; while the newly-established Wolf Empire contained nothing more by way of shipyards than their former Occupation Zone did, the Rogue was no worse off for support and maintenance facilities than she had been before - save that the Sea Fox shipyards were further away than they had been.[6]


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