Shrapnel (magazine)/Issue 15

Shrapnel Magazine 015 cover.jpg
Issue #15
Product information
Type Magazine
Cover Artwork Germán Varona Galindo
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT36233
First published 12 December 2023
ISBN-10 1638611475
ISBN-13 978-1-63861-147-9
MSRP $7.99 (digital)
$18.95 (POD)
Preceded by Issue 14
Followed by Issue 16


A brief ComStar Mercenary Review Board introduction on the basics of contracts for newly registered members, followed by interjections from various merc on contract issues and omissions MRB neglected.
Brief update on notable and popular holovid shows circa June 3152 including The Steinhearts, Hanse in Charge, Saad Yousuf: Bounty Hunter, A Red-Hot Life, MechBall, The Reaches and Daoshen Liao: Junior High Chancellor.