XLIX Corps (Star League)

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XLIX Corps
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Parent Formation Eleventh Army
Formed Unknown

Unit Description[edit]

XLIX Corps (or the Forty-ninth Corps) was one of the seventy-two Corps that made up the Star League Defense Force. XLIX Corps was a large Corps; prior to the collapse of the Star League, it consisted of seven divisions and four independent regiments. [1]


In 2764, XLIX Corps was part of the 10th Army, assigned to District 1 of the Lyran Commonwealth Military Region. The so-called "Bolan Thumb" was the main operations area of XLIX Corps. Though it had the potential for violence, in actual practice very few incidents occurred. Most of the Forty-ninth's action came from desperate pirates and training exercises.[2]

When the simmering violence and rebellion building in the Periphery erupted with the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery-wide uprising in 2765, XLIX Corps was deployed into District 2 of the LCMR, along with LI Corps and elements of XXVII Corps, to backfill for units deployed into the Periphery Military Region.[1]

XLIX Corps took heavy damage in the grueling Hegemony Campaign, losing five full divisions in combat - the Hall Division, the 185th and 205th Mechanized Infantry Divisions, the Meteors, and the 25th Jump Infantry Division - along with three of the four independent regiments.[1]

Of the units that survived the campaign, it was believed for a long time that none followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus. The 236th Mechanized Infantry Division joined the Lyran Commonwealth, while the 294th Hussar Regiment chose to join the Draconis Combine.[1] For centuries, the fate of the 295th BattleMech Division, the Blue Star Divison, was a mystery; the truth was finally uncovered by teams exploring the Deep Periphery, who discovered the deserted remains of a small colony that were identified as the last resting place of the 295th. Having tried to join the Exodus, the 295th were trapped in the dark when their transport failed, and the surviving members of the division formed a small colony on a livable world; unfortunately, the colony simply didn't grow enough to survive in the long term.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
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Composition History[edit]

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