Alshain Weapons

Alshain Weapons
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Alshain
New Oslo
Tok Do
Primary Products BattleMechs

Alshain Weapons is one of the Draconis Combine's notable manufacturer of light BattleMechs. [1]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: East Lime, Tok Do (Circa 3067)[1]

President/CEO: Daimyo Kristof Webber (Circa 3067)[1]


Originally headquartered on its namesake world, Alshain Weapons has weathered increasing political upheavals in the 31st Century. When Alshain became part of Free Rasalhague Republic the Combine retained strong economic ties with the new nation and companies like Alshain Weapons to continue supplying the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. This link was cut, however, when the bulk of the Republic was conquered during the Clan Invasion. Alshain Weapons lost their factory on New Oslo to Clan Wolf and was forced to destroy their factory on Jarett to prevent its use by Clan Ghost Bear.[2][3][4]

Desperate to maintain production of the venerable Panther, the DCMS and the Combine Bureau of Procurement provided Alshain Weapons massive grants to build new facilities within Combine space, with the company ultimately relocating their facility on Krenice to Tok Do. The company also maintained its vitality via both joint ventures with Luthien Armor Works as well as the acquisition of the faltering Diplan 'Mechyards in 3060.[1][5]


Alshain Weapons has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The factory on Alshain was lost to Clan Ghost Bear when it took the world in December of 3051.

Components produced on Alshain:[2][6][7]
Component Type
PNT-9R Panther[2] Light BattleMech
Kodiak II[6] Assault BattleMech
Vulture Mk III[7] Heavy OmniMech
Alshain 56-Carrier Panther[2]
Alshain LXL Endo Steel Kodiak II[6]
Bergan Version 8.3 Endo Steel Vulture Mk III[7]
Fusion Engine - XL
400 Fusion XL Kodiak II[6]
Vlar 300 XL Vulture Mk III[7]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound 24B2 FF Vulture Mk III[7]
Forging AD56 Standard Kodiak II[6]
Maximillian 42 Panther[2]
Jump Jets
Lexington Lifters Panther[2]
Communications System
Dash-2 Optima Vulture Mk III[7]
Garret L20 Kodiak II[6]
Sipher CommCon CSU-4 Panther[2]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cat's Eyes 5 Panther[2]
Hakkøn-Morris LAP Vulture Mk III[7]
RCA Instatrac Mark IX with Artemis IV Kodiak II[6]
ER Small Laser
Series 1 Kodiak II[6]
Clan Mk. XVII Kodiak II[6]
Type X "Short Bow" Kodiak II[6]
Type XX "Great Bow" Kodiak II[6]

New Oslo[edit]

The factory on New Oslo was lost to Clan Wolf when it took the world in July of 3050.

Components produced on New Oslo:[2]:
Component Type
PNT-9R Panther[2] Light BattleMech

Tok Do[edit]

The Tok Do facility also houses a refit line for Scorpion and Shadow Hawk BattleMechs. As of 3079, persistent rumors suggest that this facility will begin producing Phoenix Hawks as well.[8]

Components produced on Tok Do:[1][5][8]:
Component Type
PNT-10K Panther[1][5][8] Light BattleMech
Pacifier SecurityMech[1][8] IndustrialMech
Alshain 560-Carrier Endo Steel Panther[5]
Maxmillian CASE [citation needed]
Lord's Light 2 Panther/ Shipped to Luthien for Grand Dragon[5], Daikyu & Daimyo to Quentin for Excalibur, Shugenja, Taisho, Tessen, Akuma & Naganita
Heavy PPC
Lord's Light 3 Shipped to Shimonita for Charger[citation needed]
Light PPC
Lord's Light 4 Shipped to Shimonita for Charger, to Marduk for Griffin, to Hun Ho for Archer & to Kervil for Sabre[citation needed]
Snub-Nose PPC
Lord's Light 5 Shipped to New Samarkand for Mauler & to Marduk for Wolverine[citation needed]


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