Far Reach

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Far Reach
System information
X:Y Coordinates -216.86:567.69[e]
Spectral class B3V[1]
Recharge time 154 hours[1]
Recharge station(s) None[1]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Far Reach
System position 2nd[1]
Jump point
101.15 days[1]
Moons 2 (Paris, Helene)[1]
Surface gravity 1.06[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 32°C (Temperate)[1]
Surface water 95%[1]
Highest native life Reptile[1]
Reference Year 3084[1]
Ruler Monsieur Henry Tremaine XXIX[1]
Population 7,162,000[1]
Socio-Industrial Levels C-D-D-C-F[1]
HPG (Representative) N/A[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Info[edit]

Far Reach was a part of the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic and is located near Paran and Syrstart.[4] The planet was covered by large oceans, and was a major corporate center in the Rim Worlds Republic. After the Amaris Civil War ended, the system collapsed into complete obscurity. Several of the Republic's largest corporations had undersea habitats, and after the Civil War ended these eventually failed. There was only one city left, the corporate headquarters of General Dynamics-Republic Division. General City, as it was called, had access to a few minor production facilities and armed the remaining citizens and stranded employees against the local predators. By 2900 the city was able to start colonization projects on other islands, but travel throughout the system remained impossible.[28]

Eventually a cache of three KR-61 shuttles was found, and the Reachers returned to space. They found that their Capital-class space station was being used by a nearby polity. They eventually assaulted the station and captured it, and later captured a convoy from a nearby stellar nation. With these ships, they sent out infiltration missions and learned about their neighbors. Over time they forged alliances and defense pacts, creating the Far Reach Collective. This was invaded in 3047 by the Empire of the Stars, but the Reachers were able to repel the attack.[29]

Military Deployment[edit]



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