Gladiator (BattleMech)

For the Clan BattleMech that was designated Gladiator by the Inner Sphere, please see Executioner.
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Production information
Manufacturer New Samarkand Armor Works, Merryweather Industries, StarCorps Industries[1]
Production Year 2468[2][3][4][5]
Model GLD-4R
Class Medium
Cost 5,002,057 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 55 tons
Chassis MW240
Armor Kemplar 5000
Engine Core Tek 275
Communications System Fujika Multiband
Targeting Tracking System General systems AV-12
Heat Sinks 13
Speed 86 km/h
Jump Jets GE-220
BV (1.0)  ??
BV (2.0) 1,291[3][6]


The first homegrown BattleMech produced by the Draconis Combine was the Gladiator. The 55-ton 'Mech took seven years to design, as Coordinator Kozo Von Rohrs refused to open up the process to anybody but a select group at New Samarkand Armor Works (the predecessor of Luthien Armor Works) who were under constant surveillance by DEST. 2468 finally saw the GLD-1R Gladiator hit mass-production.[5] Following the Battle of Nox in 2475, the dishonored 'Mech was retired from official production, with NSAW closing down the production lines by 2488.[3]

Merryweather Industries was the first private company to attempt BattleMech production without governmental support. Despite their location in the Terran Hegemony, they acquired the plans to the Gladiator and produced a new run in 2490. They were unable to raise the capital to finish their second run, the 4R, and nearly went bankrupt before moving into IndustrialMechs. The GLD-4R production lines were closed down in 2495.[3]

A few salvaged Gladiator -1Rs were still in service with militaries across the Inner Sphere and Periphery, though these relics were finally pushed to extinction during the Reunification War. [5]

The 55-ton Gladiator has a top speed of 86 km/h, comparable to many other 'Mechs of the same weight. Nine and a half tons of armor provides a respectable amount of protection. Five jump jets enables the 'Mech to jump up to 150 meters at a time.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

A Lord's Light P1 PPC provides long range firepower. Two Argra 1L Medium Lasers is just as powerful up close and adds a Thunderstroke SRM-6 to exploit any holes in an enemy's armor.[3]


An old Gladiator, likely GLD-1R
  • GLD-1R 
    The original Gladiator used primitive technologies, so it only had a Large Laser and two Medium Lasers. In addition, it could only manage a top speed around 64 km/h.[3] It was protected by sixteen and a half tons of Primitive Armor.[5] The GLD-1R went out of production by 2488[3]. During the Jihad, several companies began producing this primitive design of Gladiator as a part of the appearance of RetroTech on the battlefield, driven by the need for war materiel; companies which produced the primitive Gladiator during this era included Rastaban Agricultural Products,[7] Metals of the Earth[8] and Sword of the Prophet Enterprises[9] although many of these manufacturing lines had closed down by 3079. BV (2.0) = 1,027[10]
  • GLD-2R 
    A more modern variant that still used some primitive technologies, the 2R upgraded the top speed of the 1R to 86 km/h. Few of these were ever fielded, as the design was apparently just a test bed for the newer technologies. Production of the GLD-2R stopped by 2488. BV (2.0) = 1,245[11], 1,184[12]
  • GLD-3R 
    The test platform for Merryweather, the 3R upgraded the Large Laser to two LRM-10s. BV (2.0) = 1,282[13][14]

Custom Variants[edit]

  • Keller's GLD-1R 
    This variant had a 220-rated Light Fusion Engine connected to a supercharger, which can add some speed. The 'Mech also had six Improved jump jets, and a C3i Computer, which allows the 'Mech to share targeting telemetry with like-equipped units. It is armed with a Snub-Nose PPC (which uses a PPC Capacitor), two ER Medium Lasers, and an MML-5 with one ton of ammunition devoted to long range missiles and another used for short range. Eleven double heat sinks are barely adequate for such a 'Mechs's generated heat. The 'Mech also used eleven tons of armor, which is almost the maximum such a machine can carry. BV (2.0) = 1,348[17], 1,557[18]

Design Quirks[edit]

The GLD-1R Gladatior variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:[5]



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