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Necromo neighbouring systems
Necromo neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 102.80:-189.81[e]
Spectral class M5V[1][2]
Recharge time 206 hours[2]
Recharge station(s) None (3025)[1]
Zenith, Nadir[2]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Planetary flag of Necromo
Planetary flag of Necromo
System position 10th[1][2]
Jump point
2.45 days[2]
Moons 1 (Acorna)[2]
Surface gravity 1.03[2]
Atmospheric pressure Low (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature 39°C (Arid)[2]
Surface water 12%[2]
Highest native life Mammal[1][2]
Reference Year 3025[1] - 3067[2]
Ruler Lord Tang Wu Sen[2]
Population 5,000 (3025)[1]
1,500,000 (3067)[2]
Socio-Industrial Levels A-A-D-B-F[2]
HPG (Representative) None (3025)[1]
B (3067)[2]

Owner History[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

During the Star League Era Necromo was best known as a minor shipping and transportation hub between the Capella and St. Ives Commonalities. During the Succession Wars Era it became more important, and was frequently raided by the Federated Suns.[24]

While a relatively undeveloped world of rolling hills and forests, Necromo was of immeasurable importance to the Capellan military thanks to the self-contained DropShip repair facility and shipyard located in the system. The sole industry of the planet, with all goods and services having to be imported from off-world, operations in the system were so secret that only the intensely loyal workers were allowed on world, with no visits from family members and stringent censorship of all inbound and outbound communication.[1][24]

By 3055 the Maskirova had relaxed several of these restrictions. Coincidentally, the Aris Memorial Yards were boosted into orbit the same year, placing them beyond the reach of any dissidents who may have attacked the facility. As a result of the increased workload, the system's population boomed.[2][24]

Necromo's only real city, Landingplace, was located on world and featured a transparent dome so citizens could see the Aris Memorial Yards as they floated around the sky.[2][24]

These features made the location ideal for shielding the production of the Confederation's WarShip projects, but unfortunately made the world a prime target of the Word of Blake during their Jihad. It faced orbital bombardment in 3071.[25] A passing merchant DropShip reported that they traveled through the system and heard no electronic signatures of any kind.[26][27] Later investigation determined that on the 20th of August 3071, the day all communications with Necromo suddenly ceased, the world had been bombarded by several rogue asteroids and then assaulted by at least one Word of Blake Shadow Division and possibly more than one.[28][29] Despite the bombardment of Necromo and the overwhelming forces deployed by the Word of Blake, the Blakists would still lose the Essex-class CSJ Dark Claw in the Necromo system in 3072.[30]

Prior to Necromo's destruction, the world had been contested in 3068 as a part of Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, the attack on the Confederation conducted by Capellan March troops under the orders of Federated Suns Duke George Hasek. Capellan WarShips secured the system on the 18th of February 3069 as a part of Operation THUNDERSTRIKE, the CCAF counter-offensive.[31]

Planetary Garrison[edit]



  • Fifteenth Dracon (2nd Battalion)[14]


  • Fifteenth Dracon (2nd Battalion)[17]



Manufacturing Centers[edit]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years)
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Nashuar 7.19 1 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC SIC
Monhegan 14.02 1 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Capricorn III 15.53 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Ares 16.44 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Armaxa 17.86 1 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC SIC
Daniels 23.36 1 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Cammal 25.24 1 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
New Sagan 25.66 1 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Brighton 26.83 1 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC CC
Alcyone 28.62 1 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
St. Ives 28.71 1 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC SIC
Minnacora 31.47 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Relevow 32.86 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Tsingtao 35.00 2 TH CC FS FC FC CC CC
Shoreham 36.26 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Weekapaug 37.63 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Bethel 38.34 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Gallitzin 38.44 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Truth 38.50 2 TH CC FS FC FC CC CC
Kittery 41.38 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Lee 43.05 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Randar 43.39 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Redfield 44.85 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Andro 45.05 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Vestallas 45.17 2 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC CC
Gei-Fu 46.88 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Heligoland 46.97 2 TH CC FS FC FC CMC CC
Kaifeng 48.09 2 TH CC FS FC FC SS CC
No Return 48.27 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Remshield 49.34 2 TH CC FS FC FC CMC CC
Royalston 49.62 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Mentasta 50.61 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Perkasie 53.19 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
St. Loris 55.54 2 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC SIC
Sarmaxa 56.10 2 TH CC FS FC FC CC CC
Moravian 56.94 2 CC FS FS FC FC FC FC
Matsu 58.22 2 TH CC FS FC FC CMC CC
Denbar 58.28 2 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC CC
Orbisonia 58.39 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Stein's Folly 58.61 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Aldertaine 58.74 2 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Milos 58.78 2 CC CC SIC SIC SIC SIC CC
Sarna 58.97 2 TH CC FS FC FC SS SS
Beid 59.96 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC


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