The nekakami were a secret group of assassins for hire. They are the premier spies and assassins of the Combine, masters of deceit and subterfuge. This mysterious group is widely known to the enemies of Dragon. The roots of the society are lost in history but some rumors suggest that they exist since Terra's feudal Japanese empire, connecting them with the Ninjas. The first hard facts are from the early stages of the Draconis Combine. The ISF handle them as enemies of the state. They operate normally in four to six man groups, where every member is hand picked for a specific skill set, rounding out the overall talents of the group . These groups are known as Miharu No Seishin and the members consider themselves as Seishin ban. The reason for their success is the intensive training from the early childhood, even better then the DEST. [1]

The Nekakami were master of stealth and assassination. They have been known to gain access to even the most highly protected areas of the Combine, including Unity Palace. Their devotion to their cause is so great that if they are unable to fulfill the contract, they commit suicide.[2] When making contact with potential clients, they leave origami cats behind. These cats can be used to indicate acceptance of a contract, but sometimes are embossed with Japanese characters if more detailed information is required.[3]


  • Nekakami Childhood
  • Nekakami Aspirant (from age of ten to twenty) it takes normally 5 year of practice
  • Way of the Spirit Cats - during this time the specialization takes place and takes 3 years
  • Nekakami Special Training - that the final stages to reach the highest level within the Nekakami and last another 3 years [4]


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