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Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Industries, Independence Weaponry
Production Year 2774[1]
Model JM6-S
Class Heavy
Cost 5,232,425 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Kallon Type XII
Armor Kallon Royalstar
Engine Magna 260
Communications System Garret T11-A
Targeting Tracking System Garret D2j
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 64.8 km/h
BV (1.0) 749
BV (2.0) 901[2]


[edit] Description

Designed as an anti-aircraft platform and long-range fire support unit, the JagerMech was intended to correct several perceived faults of the original Rifleman. While it does address the Rifleman's heat issues and limited ammunition, it does so at the cost of significant armor protection. Carrying only a miserly six tons of standard armor, the JagerMech is very vulnerable to return fire. In its favor, the long range of its autocannons, combined with the excellent Garret D2j targeting and tracking system (made famous by the Rifleman), make it a prime choice for anti-aircraft work. The range of its autocannons also allow it to engage many enemies without suffering return fire, and when stationary it is able to fire all its weapons without heat build-up.

Houses Davion and Liao field the largest numbers of JagerMechs, with House Davion being particularly fond of the design.

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

The JagerMech mounts two pairs of Mydron autocannons; each arm is fitted with a Model C Medium Autocannon and a Model D Light Autocannon. Ammunition for these is carried in the torso, two tons for the class-5 autocannons and one ton for the class-2s, allowing for twenty full-strength volleys. The torso also mounts a pair of Magna Mk. II Medium Lasers. Ten single heat sinks dissipate waste heat generated by these weapons.[3]

[edit] Variants

  • JM6-A 
    Modified specifically for the anti-aircraft role, the A variant replaces both Autocannon/5s with Zeus LRM-15s with two tons of ammunition. Weight saved by the change allows the variant to add two tons of armor, approximately half a ton to each forward hit location. BV (1.0) = 841, BV (2.0) = 1,122[4]
  • JM6-DD 
    The DD was the first variation incorporating technology recovered from the Gray Death Memory Core. The DD replaces the standard engine with an XL model and converts the armor to Ferro-Fibrous, adding an additional half-ton. The Mydron Medium Autocannons are replaced by General Motors Nova-5 Ultra Autocannon, and the Magna standard lasers are replaced with Sutel Precision Line Medium Pulse Lasers. CASE is mounted in both side torsos to protect the ammunition, with the AC/2 ammunition moved to the left torso to take advantage of this. The original design's single heat sinks are retained. BV (1.0) = 713, BV (2.0) = 965[5]
  • JM6-DDa 
    The DDa is a Jihad-era refit. A hybrid of the JM6-D and JM6-DD, it uses the chassis, engine, CASE-protected ammunition bays, and armor of the JM6-DD with a weapons complement similar to the JM6-D. The standard Autocannon/5 and Light AC/2s have similar range characteristics, and can use special munitions. The autocannon and twin medium lasers are also tied into an advanced Targeting Computer. As the weapons are comparatively cool, ten single heat sinks are used to dissipate heat buildup. (This freed double heat sinks for use on hotter designs.) BV (2.0) = 911[6]
  • JM6-DG 
    This field refit replaces the autocannons with two Gauss Rifles and six tons of ammunition. In order to accommodate this change, the lasers were swapped out for ER Medium Lasers. The heat sinks were also upgraded to double-strength models. BV (2.0) = 1,661[7]
  • JM7-C3BS 
    This variant was introduced in the Jihad. Five tons heavier than the standard JM6-D, each arm mounts a pair of Light AC/2 autocannon and a single Snub-Nose PPC. An ER Medium Laser is mounted in the center torso. It also uses an experimental C3 Boosted Slave to share targeting data with its lancemates. BV (2.0) = 1,354[9]
  • JM7-D 
    A heavier variant of the upgraded JagerMech, the D variation adds five tons of overall weight to the JM6-DD, four and one-half of which go directly to increased Ferro-Fibrous armor. The Autocannon/2s are replaced with ER Large Lasers. The weight savings from this swap allows the design to mount thirteen double heat sinks.[10] BV (1.0) = 1,171[11], BV (2.0) = 1,500
  • JM7-F 
    Another 70 ton variant, the F variation replaces the JM7-D's Ultra Autocannon and ER Large Lasers with a pair of Rotary Autocannon/5s with four tons of ammunition. Aiming assistance is provided by a Targeting Computer, and defense is improved by the addition of a Guardian ECM Suite. One double heat sink is removed. BV (1.0) = 1,562, BV (2.0) = 1,774[12]

[edit] Notable Pilots

[edit] Gallery

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