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Computer games are explicitly excluded from the list of products that contribute straight Canon to the BattleTech universe while at the same time it was stated that the IP owners are "not in total denial about these sources either"; it has also been stated that fluff from certain official, licensed products (namely certain computer games including those produced by Microsoft) can be assumed to be part of the shared universe as long as it is not directly contradicted, and makes sense. On this premise, MechCommander is considered to be an apocryphal product.

Plot synopsis[edit]

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In 3059 Operation Bulldog was launched, Zulu company from the Federated Commonwealth's First Davion Guards RCT was largely responsible for taking back the planet Port Arthur from Clan Smoke Jaguar.

MechCommander: Desperate Measures Expansion Pack[edit]

This expansion campaign is shorter than the original, and is available in MechCommander GOLD. The campaign follows the storyline but in a different planet, also in Clan Smoke Jaguar territory. It also has improved sprite artwork, more visible while in zoom.


Immediately after the liberation of Port Arthur, Zulu Company is sent to liberate the desolate planet Cermak in the Periphery, taken by a renegade Smoke Jaguar, Star Colonel Marcus Kotare (a character that was featured briefly in MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries), for an unknown reason. There has been reported activity of Clan Smoke Jaguar units in-planet, but it is unknown on what their objective is. Sent in to seek and destroy these forces, Zulu Company eventually discover that they are drilling into the planet in search for an ancient cache of weapons of mass destruction, both nuclear and biological - apparently sufficient to destroy the populations of entire planets.

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