77th Division (ComStar)

Com Guards 77th Division.png
77th Division IV-theta
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The White Monsters (3050)
The Monsters (3062)
Parent Formation 2nd Army
Formed 3030's

Most notably the key unit in the Olalla trap during the Battle of Tukayyid, the 77th Division was part of the Com Guards 2nd Army.


Clan Invasion & Battle for Tukayyid[edit]

Prior to the initial Clan Invasion the veteran rated 77th Division was known by the nickname of The White Monsters and assigned to the 2nd Army. Then a IV-iota based formation, the 77th's headquarters world was Fomalhaut in the Draconis Combine.[1]

The unit was activated along with of Second Army to fight Trial of Possession for Terra on Tukayyid, with the 77th one of the few veteran skilled combat Divisions assigned to confront the Falcons. During course of the campaign, the 77th Division was part of the key ambush in the city of Olalla, the entire city moved, with the division's 'Mechs hidden in bunkers under the false city of that ComStar had created. Unfortunately caution on the part of the Falcon Guards commander Aidan Pryde resulted in only the Cluster's Heavy Alpha Star of OmniMechs entering the city first, with 77th's ruse exposed even as the Star was utterly annihilated. With the rest of the Falcon Guards now entering the city, along with tattered remains of the 111th Division & 201st Divisions, the 77th Division led the way, pushing the Falcon Guards back into the suburbs of Olalla. Despite pushing the Guards into the suburban regions, the 77th Division along with the 201st were demolished by the Guards. Only Level III worth of troops from the Division survived, only through efforts of the Precentor Martial shifting troops from now ended Trials with the Clan Ghost Bear.[2] [3]

Tukayyid Aftermath & Rebuilding after ComStar Schism[edit]

Like many Com Guard Divisions, the 77th chose a new nickname after that climatic battle, calling itself merely The Monsters, remaining with the Second Army and making Proserpina its headquarters.[4] Barely surviving the battle with the Clans on Tukayyid, the 77th suffered further losses from defections to the Word of Blake. Despite this, the Martial ordered the Division to be rebuilt using BattleMechs from ComStar's secret stockpile on Terra and large production runs of the newly built Nexus and Raijin. By 3055, the now regular rated 77th was transformed into a IV-theta formation and was equipped the 2nd Army's largest concentration of BattleMech forces, becoming its most powerful formation. [3]

Fire Brigade[edit]

During the years after newly-reformed Star League's elimination of the Clan Smoke Jaguar, the unit remained stationed along on the border of the Combine and the Davion Federated Commonwealth. Its most noted action prior to the FedCom Civil War breaking out was on Proserpina, the unit calming tensions with those respective border worlds.[3] It continued to do until events of the Jihad, in 3067. [5]

The 77th's sole direct involvement Civil War was when the elements of the division deployed to Benet III saw combat in December 3062 when the Loyalist 5th Donegal Guards attempted to occupy the planet's HPG to prevent the Allied 41st Avalon Hussars from requesting off-world support. The 77th would easily rebuff the attempt, imposing a virtual communication interdiction against the Lyran unit and launching a raid against Hauptmann General Ursa Potroy's headquarters in retaliation, crippling the 5th's command and control centers. [6] While the 5th would ultimately destroy the 41st Hussars, members of the 77th and the HPG station's staff would supply covert aid to underground resistance cells formed by the Hussars. [7]



Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 77th Division (ComStar)
Precentor IV Victoria Minnick 3050[1]
Precentor VIII Jolling Rajii 3055 - 3062[4][3]
Precentor XI William Plane 3067[8]


During Tukayyid the Division utilities camouflage and urban fighting skills to ambush Jade Falcons assaulting their city and fight off occupation. The unit later developed and utilized its skills in peacekeeping in order to keep opposing military forces from attacking one another.[2]

Composition History[edit]

The 77th Division's Composition is considered to be Combined Arms formation, however its unclear what components or Level IIs are assigned any specific types of unit types. (Mechs, Vehicles, Infantry, etc).


77th Division (Division/Veteran)[1]

Note: At this point in time the 77th Division was stationed on Fomalhaut.[1]


77th Division (Division/Elite)[4]

Note: At this point in time the 77th Division was stationed on Proserpina.[4]


77th Division (The Monsters IV-theta)[3]

  • The Gunslingers III-eta CO: IV Demi-Precentor Benito Juarez
  • The Magnificent Few III-theta CO: Demi-Precentor IV Harry Cruikshank
  • Spoils of War III-zeta CO: Demi-Precentor X Valdimir Zilbert
  • Bright Horizon III-theta CO: Demi-Precentor II Rita Barth


  • The unit's insignia is pair of golden eyes on a black disk. [3]


Game Rules[edit]

The 77th Division as of Field Manual: ComStar, had the following Formation Abilities & advantages using advanced scenario rules for units. The Unit is considered to be well equipment at B Rating (3062), however, they can obtain higher (Level A rated) one vehicle/mech/fighter/infantry quality of equipment for every Level II formation it employs on a scenario. Members of the 77th receive a -1 for their to-hit modifiers if they are attempting use aimed shots to disable a enemy unit.[9]


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