Blood Rage

Blood Rage cover.jpg
Blood Rage
Product information
Type Novel
Author Craig A. Reed, Jr
Cover Artwork Tan Ho Sim
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 13 November 2023
Timeline 10 - 20 February 3070
Series Fortunes of War
Preceded by Giving up the Ghost
Followed by A Skulk of Foxes

Blood Rage, subtitled Fortunes of War #2, is an original short story by Craig A. Reed, Jr. Announced in the introduction of Shrapnel Issue 14 and focused around the mercenary unit Hansen's Roughriders during the Word of Blake Jihad, Blood Rage is the second entry in the Fortunes of War digital short-story series announced by Catalyst Game Labs as unlockable stretch goals for the crowdfunding campaign for the BattleTech: Mercenaries boxset. Blood Rage was the $400,000 stretch goal provided for free to Veteran backers and above and available for purchase for those in lower tiers, made available for download on 13 November 2023.

Plot summary[edit]

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