Bar Hounds

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Insignia of the Fighting Urukhai
Bar Hounds[1]
Formed 2795[2]
Disbanded 3064[3]
Nickname Roman's Bar Hounds[4]
Candelli's Bar Hounds[5] (previous)
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Fighting Urukhai

Roman's Bar Hounds was one of three main commands within the mercenary brigade known as the Fighting Urukhai, prior to the Bar Hounds' destruction in 3064.

Unit History[edit]

One of three major commands within the Fighting Urukhai, the Bar Hounds served alongside the Eighth Striker Regiment and DeMaestri's Sluggers.


The Bar Hounds formed alongside the Sluggers and the Eighth Striker in 2795, one of a number of mercenary units to form from former Star League Defense Force personnel who elected to remain behind when Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky took the majority of the SLDF on the Exodus. The Bar Hounds and the other regiments of the Urukhai were first employed by the Federated Suns.[6] In contrast to the public perception that "bar hounds" referred to the Hounds' drinking habits, the command was actually named for a breed of dog. The bar hound is described as being similar to a Rhodesian ridgeback, but with twice the intelligence and three times the body mass.[7]

First Succession War[edit]

Having formed during the First Succession War, the Bar Hounds survived the war at just over half strength and were located on Klathandu IV when the war ended, whilst their sister regiments were on Crossing and Robinson.[2]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 3025, Candelli's Bar Hounds were deployed along the rest of the Brigade in Pierce.[5]

The Bar Hounds were known as Candell's Bar Hounds by the end of the Third Succession War, and in 3025 were in a poor financial situation, with the Urukhai's contract with House Davion due to expire in March 3026.[8]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Candelli's Bar Hounds were based on Pierce with the other regiments of the Fighting Urukhai, but as a part of Operation RAT were deployed to Ziliang by 3028.[9]

War of 3039[edit]

Based on Caldwell prior to the War of 3039, the Bar Hounds were redeployed to Addicks during the buildup to the invasion of the Draconis Combine.[4] Roman's Bar Hounds were assigned as an auxiliary to the Fifth FedCom RCT during the War of 3039, as the Fifth was becoming known as a hard-luck unit that the high command wasn't entirely convinced were battle ready. In late April the Bar Hounds acted as the spearhead of the Fifth's assault on Halstead Station, swiftly overwhelming the garrison at Halstead City. The assault was swift enough that the Fifth was left with little to do besides mopping up, and considered the planet secure enough that they began constructing elaborate defenses against a predicted DCMS counterattack, as well as assembling fortified supply caches for future waves of AFFC forces; Colonel Roman clashed with General Nial Slattery over the positioning of the supply caches, but Slattery overruled Roman.[10]

Roman's concerns proved valid when the DCMS counterattacked in August, after the Fifth FedCom had begun to stand down from high alert. Deploying both the First and Fifth Sword of Light regiments, the DCMS used Star League era technology and highly aggressive combat drops to surprise the inexperienced Fifth, first pinning them in place, then launching an attack from the rear that broke the Fifth's morale. A battalion of the Fifth broke away and fled, eventually becoming the Black Outlaws mercenary unit; other elements of the Fifth only survived because of a flanking attack from the Bar Hounds and the other Urukhai regiments that bought them time.[11][12]


Roman's Bar Hounds were destroyed on Ballynure in 3064, having held out against Clan Jade Falcon forces for almost six months. Hunted by the Jade Falcon Lambda Galaxy, the Bar Hounds finally conceded when they had been reduced to just two lances of heavily damaged 'Mechs; unable to rebuild, the regiment disbanded. Colonel Roman was badly burned while ejecting from his Cestus during one of the final battles, and was left unable to pilot a 'Mech due to nerve damage. After the Bar Hounds disbanded he was able to take up a training post with the militia on Morges.[13] Khan Marthe Pryde had assumed that Lambda Galaxy would be able to quickly secure the planet, which could then be used as a jumping-off point for the second wave of her invasion of the Lyran Alliance. Roman's hit-and-run tactics tied up Lambda for much longer than anticipated; the Second Falcon Swoop and Twenty-fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster were tied up chasing the Bar Hounds through the first four waves of the invasion before damage and a lack of reinforcements prompted Colonel Roman's order to withdraw.[14] Only nine MechWarriors survived to escape to Morges.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Candell's Bar Hounds
Colonel Candell [15]
Commanding Officers of Roman Bar Hounds
Colonel Randy Roman 3050 - 3064[16][17][18][10][14]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]


Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2]

- At this point in time the Bar Hounds were a light-weight regiment and were stationed on Klathandu IV.[2]


Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [20]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on Klathandu IV with an operational readiness of 103 percent. [20]


Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical) [20]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on Addicks with an operational readiness of 47 percent. [20]


Candelli's Bar Hounds (Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: General Harold Greenspan[8]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Pierce. [8]


Candelli's Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular)[9]

- At this point in time the Bar Hounds were stationed on Pierce.[9]


Roman's Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]

Note: At this point in time the Bar Hounds were based on Caldwell.[4]


Roman's Bar Hounds (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[16]

  • CO: Colonel Randy Roman[16]
Note: At this point in time the Bar Hounds were stationed on Caldwell.[16]


Roman's Bar Hounds (Battalion/Regular/Questionable)[17]

  • CO: Colonel Randy Roman[17]
- At this point in time the Bar Hounds were stationed on Ballynure alongside the Eighth Striker.[17]


Roman's Bar Hounds (Battalion/Regular/Reliable) [18]

  • CO: Colonel Randy Roman [18]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Ballynure. [18]


The spelling of "Fighting Urukhai" changed frequently between—and sometimes within—sources, with variations including "Urukhai," "Uruk-hai," "Urakhai," and others.


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