Cassandra Blake

Cassandra Blake Era Report 3052.png
Cassandra Blake
Born 3000
Died 9 August 3069
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Quatermaster General

Cassandra Blake, a.k.a. "Sassie Cassie", (born 3000[1] – died August 9, 3069) served as an aerospace pilot and Quartermaster General in the Free Worlds League Military.

Personal History[edit]

Cassandra Blake was a naturally gifted pilot with the talent for always speaking her mind - loudly - whenever she felt the need. Thus she earned the nickname "Sassie Cassie" during her younger years. She attended the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School on New Olympia and was given a posting in the 1st Marik Militia upon graduation. By the age of 21, she had earned her ace's patch by downing five enemy fighters. Her success would earn her the right to pilot a recently captured and highly prized Chippewa fighter.[2]

Blake continued her rise within the Free Worlds League Military to become one of the youngest generals in its history. Not long after, she was given a seat on the League Central Coordination and Command with control of all aerospace matters within the Free Worlds League.[1]

It was about this time that her outspoken nature on all matters, even those outside the military realm, came to the attention of Captain-General Thomas Marik. Her directness intrigued the Captain-General and he agreed with many of her proposals. Thus Thomas Marik would place Cassandra in a position to help engineer the acceptance of Com Guard garrisons within the Free Worlds League. Soon thereafter, Cassandra would work out an agreement with ComStar to exchange training officers between the two organization's aerospace arms.[1] By 3050 she had become an informal advisor to Thomas Marik on military matters even outside her forte and this, in addition to being the youngest member of the LCCC, led to Blake being viewed as somewhat of an upstart maverick by other League generals.[3]

Blake went on to serve as Quartermaster General for the League military for over a decade prior to 3067. Her successful tenure was marked by widespread upgrades to the FWLM and the accumulation of large stockpiles of reserve material without unbalancing the military's budget. She was also known to be hostile towards the League's Word of Blake allies, an attitude which harmed relations between the two powers. Blake also had a stormy relationship, both personal and professional, with Chief Armorer Adam Tam.[4]

With her undoubted skill and political connections, Cassandra's future within the Free Worlds League looked bright.


On August 9, 3069, Paul Marik, acting on orders from The Master of the Word of Blake, carried out the coup that removed the "impostor" Thomas Marik from power as Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. General Blake strongly opposed the Word of Blake and resisted the coup along with Admiral Heather Alexander; both were swiftly executed on Paul Marik's orders. The false Thomas Marik suspected that Adam Tam, by now both Cassandra's lover and a Blakist sympathizer, had killed her.[5]


The House Marik sourcebook puts Cassandra as 21 in 3025, but the Era Report: 3052 put her age at 50. Thus her age would be 25 in 3025.


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