Christian Kell

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Christian Kell
Character Profile
Born 3026
Died 28 August 3073[1]
Affiliation House Kell
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Patrick Kell (father)[2]
Takara (mother)[2]

Christian Kell was a MechWarrior officer in the Kell Hounds mercenary unit. He was the son of Patrick Kell and ethnic Draconis Combine artist Takara and nephew of Morgan Kell.


Early Life[edit]

Patrick was unaware of the existence of Christian as Takara decided not to inform him of the birth of their son, so that Patrick would not be forced to stay with him/them.

Christian discovered the identity of his father after his mother's death and also discovered that he had an uncle. He confronted his uncle Morgan Kell at the age of sixteen in 3042 on the world of Arboris.[3] After Christian presented evidence of his origins, Morgan took a leave of absence from the unit and took him to Outreach where he received officer training from Wolf's Dragoons. MacKenzie Wolf took a particular interest in his training, and Christian even served briefly with the Wolf Spider Battalion from 3044 to 3045 before returning to the Kell Hounds.[4]

Clan Invasion[edit]

After Morgan Kell resigned his position as commanding officer of the Kell Hounds, Christian become the second-in-command of the unit. During the Red Corsair affair, Christian played a major part in the campaign. When the militia Kommandant Nelson Geist was rescued, he was very friendly to him, and immediately offered him a place in the Hounds.[5]

Christian fought in the battle of Arc-Royal, against the pirates, and later in the final battle of Elissa. He was finally able to enlist Nelson in the Hounds, with the rank of colonel.[6]

After Elissia, when Nelson died saving all the Hounds and preventing a new Clan Invasion at the cost of his life, Christian was the one than traveled to Nelson's home, in Kooken's Pleasure Pit and took his family to Arc-Royal, to take care of them.[7]

Jihad and Death[edit]

Quiet and reserved, Major Kell was a talented artist but rarely showed his work to others.[citation needed]

By 3072, Christian had risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel and was the acting commanding officer of the Kell Hounds' First Regiment.[citation needed]

On 28 August 3073, the unit was based on New Exford when the Word of Blake's Fiftieth Shadow Division attacked. The raid devastated the unit after the Fiftieth's "head hunter" squads successfully killed Christian. Demoralized, the unit's morale broke, causing them to take heavy casualties. Also devastated was Morgan Kell who on hearing the news declared three days of mourning in remembrance of the dead.[8]


Are the Kell Hounds good? Damn straight. No one pays us to be lousy.
  — Major Christian Kell, Kell Hounds, Outreach, 15 Jan 3051


For much of his career and during the Red Corsair crisis, Christian Kell piloted a Clan-modified Thunderbolt.[2] During Operation BULLDOG he piloted a Stormcrow OmniMech.[9]


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