Clancy Truscott

Clancy Truscott
AffiliationClan Star Adder
ParentsAbsalom Truscott (father)

Clancy Truscott was the third Khan of Clan Star Adder, and the son of Star Adder founder, Khan Absalom Truscott.[1]


Almost no information has come to light about Clancy Truscott prior to his election to the position of Khan. He was likely born sometime just before Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus or during the early years on Strana Mechty.

Expansion During the Golden Century[edit]

Elected Khan of the Star Adders in 2837, Clancy Truscott would continue Khan Devon LeFabre's program of expansion based on the original plans by his father, Khan Absalom Truscott. In the same year, he would move the Adder capital from their enclave on Arcadia to the colony world of Sheridan, reinforcing their efforts at colonization, as well as symbolizing their commitment. This expansion, though slow and steady, would take the Adders to the edges of Clan space. It would also bring them into conflict with other Clans.[1][2]

War with the Mongoose[edit]

Clan Mongoose would take the Star Adder expansion as a threat to their existence. In 2844, they would launch a preemptive strike at the Star Adder colonies on Tathis and Marshall. On Tathis, the Mongooses would land a Trinary of BattleMechs, unaware that saKhan Dembe N'Buta was on-world at the time with the Quasar Keshik. N'Buta would wipe the unit out and claim their Dropship for the Quasar Keshik. On Marshall, a cluster of Mongoose forces would destroy the Adder garrison and conduct a scorched-earth campaign, spitefully claiming the right to destroy a dezgra enemy. After the population took up arms to fight the Mongoose invaders, the warriors would wipe out the entire populace, enraged that lower caste citizenry would dare to attack them. When word of the colonial massacre reached the Star Adder Khans, saKhan N'Buta would track the cluster to the Mongoose colony on Tokasha. There, he would completely destroy the Mongoose unit and claim a great victory for his wounded Clan. Clan Mongoose would continue its naked aggression towards the Star Adders without success until the end of Khan Truscott's reign in 2863.[1][3][4]


Continuing the Truscott leadership of Clan Star Adder in its early years, Khan Clancy Truscott would be somewhat outshone by the spectacular achievements of his saKhan, Dembe N'Buta. The unprovoked conflict with Clan Mongoose that plagued his reign would come to a deadly conclusion during the term of his successor as Khan, Tomas Banacek.[3][4] But the worlds colonized in the Kerensky Cluster during his time would serve the Star Adders well. His willfulness to carry out his father's plans regardless of the naked aggression displayed by his Clan's enemies would be what he is remembered for most.


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