Iron Dawn

Iron Dawn (Cover).jpg
Iron Dawn
Product information
Type Novel
Author Jennifer Brozek
Cover artwork Marco Mazzoni
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35827
First published 15 April 2019
ISBN-10 1942487797
ISBN-13 978-1942487791
Era Dark Age Era
Series Rogue Academy (series)
Followed by Ghost Hour

Iron Dawn is a novel by Jennifer Brozek as the first installment of the Rogue Academy Trilogy.

From the back cover[edit]


Jasper and Nadine Roux are cadets at the Ritza MechWarrior Academy; a dream come true for the orphaned siblings from the war-torn planet of Hoff. For the last six years, Emporia has been their home. Sponsored to the academy by the powerful Vogel House, both cadets are expected to excel in all tasks.

Their dream becomes a nightmare when the Draconis Combine lands at their door.

It’s up to the siblings to stop a renegade Seventh Ghost Regiment warlord when he lays claim to a piece of the Inner Sphere—starting with the Federated Suns’ planet of Emporia. The border world looks like easy prey, but this warrior of the Dragon is about to learn how wrong he is. After the few MechWarriors on the planet are taken hostage, the Sponsored and Blooded cadets of the Ritza Academy fight like they have nothing left to lose. 

It’s a fight that will cost them more than they know.

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