MechWarrior: Fire For Effect

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MechWarrior: Fire For Effect
Product information
Type Game Aid
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
First published February 2003
MSRP $9.95
Content blind booster containing plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Dark Age
Preceded by MechWarrior: Dark Age Boosters
Followed by MechWarrior: Death From Above Boosters


MechWarrior: Fire For Effect mintures set is the second collection of plastic miniatures for use in the MechWarrior: Dark Age miniatures game. The set was retailed in blind booster packs. The set saw the introduction of artillery, transports, and mercenaries to the game system.

MechWarrior: Fire for Effect is an expansion to the MechWarrior: Dark Age collectable miniatures game. The Fire for Effect set introduces:

  • Artillery, including classic artillery vehicles with new rules
  • Mercenaries, featuring BattleTech fans, classic favorite mercenary companies
  • Transport Vehicles, designed to get infantry on the battlefield quickly

From the back cover[edit]

The Republic is failing. Factions vie for power across the stars, and once again the Inner Sphere is engulfed in war. The ways of peace die a hard, painful death. The weapons of war rise from their long slumber. Troops march through shattered cities. Tanks roar to life. The sons of the Grim Reaper, the great BattleMechs, again stride across the battlefield like kings. But even MechWarriors fear the sharp eye of the artillery spotter...


Booster Pack[edit]

MW:DA blind booster sets contained one random 'Mech, one random Vehicle and two infantry units.